DJ Zinhle opens up about AKA’s cheating in an interview with Enhle Mbali

DJ Zinhle sat down with actress and host, Enhle Mbali, for her most candid conversation about what she went through and how she healed from her boyfriend’s cheating scandal.

Actress, Enhle Mbali, is the host of TouchHD’s debut talk show, Sincerely Yours, and her first guest on the show was celebrated female DJ and businesswoman, DJ Zinhle. The popular DJ, who rarely opens up about her relationship with rapper, AKA, sat down with Enhle Mbali and shared her journey of healing and reconciling with her partner and father of her child. In the interview, the My Name Is hitmaker shared two important lessons she has learnt from the experience.

Enhle Mbali started the interview using a letter written by the DJ to set the tone of the direction the interview would take. The first line of questioning was based on DJ Zinhle’s writings, which stated, “Everything is where it should be…” DJ Zinhle concurs, and elaborated that she still stands by her sentiment, which helped her understand that she needed to go through the scandal to be where she is today.

DJ Zinhle’s first honest statement she shared during the interview is that she did not go back to the father of her child because of their daughter, but because she wanted to. In different parts of the interview, DJ Zinhle reiterates those sentiments.

The second point that DJ Zinhle made during the interview was that going through the cheating scandal publically made her stronger. In explaining her rationale, DJ ZInhle said, “[Because] I feel like, if it wasn’t public, I would have to lie more to myself than I did…”

These two full circle moments beckoned the DJ to be honest about what she wants and why. Asked what she was most proud of, the DJ answered, “How brave I’ve become.”

Watch the interview below.