Dloz’lami: George believes his ancestors can offer him guidance on relationships

Dloz’lami’s Tuesday night episode will see George trying to connect with his ancestors, as he believes that they may be able to provide guidance on his love life.

Dloz’lami’s upcoming episode, which airs on Moja Love tonight, 18 August 2020, will see the psychic medium meeting George, a homosexual man whose family refuses to accept him for who he is. George has reached out to the show as believes that his ancestors can point him in the direction of his soulmate, and may be able to assist him with establishing a better life for himself. He is joined by his mother, who does not accept his sexuality and believes that he has cursed their family with his choices.

The preview of the upcoming episode sees the medium questioning why George is treated like an outsider in his own home, as his ancestors are disturbed by his family’s behaviour. The clip also shows her informing his mother that her attitude towards him will have dire consequences, causing them to engage in a verbal altercation.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of Dloz’lami below.