Dloz’lami: George’s ancestors advise him to avoid being an experiment in relationships

Dloz’lami’s Tuesday night episode saw George receiving guidance from his ancestors, through the help of a spiritual guide, who were unsure of whether to address him as a man or a woman.

Dloz’lami’s latest episode, which aired on Moja Love on Tuesday, 18 August 2020, saw George seeking guidance from his ancestors regarding his family’s ill treatment of him. As an openly homosexual man, George feels ostracized by his mother from the rest of the family, as she refuses to accept his sexuality. Psychic medium, Thembi Nyathi, received messages from George’s ancestors, who claimed to have accepted him as a homosexual person.

Thembi also revealed that George’s ancestors were unsure of how to address him, as they know him as a man, yet his appearance indicates that he is a woman. They also advised him to avoid engaging in relations with straight men, as people often view him as an experiment and do not value him for who he is.

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