Dloz’lami: Queen and Brenda look to solve their infertility issues

Dloz’lami’s Tuesday night episode will see psychic medium, Thembi Nyathi, revealing the reasons why Queen and Brenda have been struggling to have children.

Dloz’lami’s upcoming episode, which airs on Moja Love tonight, 8 September 2020, will see two women, Queen and Brenda, looking for answers regarding their inability to conceive children. One of the women explains that she has been unable to conceive for many years, whilst the other explains that her children always pass away at a very young age, making her question if someone has cursed her family.

The preview of the upcoming episode sees Thembi explaining that one of the women has been cursed through underwear that has gone missing from her house. She is seen looking shocked, as her ancestors explain that a curse has inhibited her from falling pregnant. The other woman is heard explaining the drastic measures she has taken to find out if she had also been cursed, including exhuming the body of her two-month-old daughter.

Watch the preview of the upcoming episode of Dloz’lami below.