Dloz’lami: Viewers condemn the women for angering their ancestors

Dloz’lami’s Tuesday night episode saw viewers being shocked by Queen and Brenda’s actions that have angered their ancestors, causing them to be infertile.

Dloz’lami’s latest episode, which aired on Moja Love on Tuesday, 8 September 2020, followed Queen and Brenda, who have trouble conceiving healthy children. Psychic medium, Thembi Nyathi, first met with Queen, who revealed that after she allowed people to come into her home, her life has changed drastically. When connecting with her ancestors, they revealed that someone had taken her underwear and used it to curse her, causing her to become barren.

In Brenda’s case, she explained that her children always pass away at a young age, leading her to believe that she has been cursed. When Thembi connected with her ancestors, it was revealed that they were angered by the fact that she has been having an affair with a married man. Thembi explained that because of her disrespect, she was prohibited from having a child out of wedlock.

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