Dloz’lami is a highly popular reality series on Moja Love which follows psychic medium, Thembi Nyathi, who uses her gift to connect people with departed loved ones.

Dloz’lami is a reality show that airs every Tuesday on Moja Love. The show, which premiered on Tuesday, 11 August 2020, centres around psychic medium, Thembi Nyathi, who is said to have been born with the gift of clairvoyance.

Thembi offers guidance and provides closure to people who wish to connect with their ancestors. She often receives messages that warn her clients of any danger or evil which could cause them harm.

According to a statement by DStv in July 2020, Thembi inherited her gift from her mother, who is a supporter of her mission to fulfil her calling.

Thembi stated, “Like the spirits, [my mother] continuously steers me in the right direction, and she encourages me to confidently embrace and practice my gift without any doubts.”

Thembi’s ability to seek spiritual guidance has also allowed her to help women overcome spiritual roadblocks that prevent them from reaching their goals, progressing in their careers or establishing meaningful relationships.

She believes that the spirits offer monumental breakthroughs for people, which allow them to make clearer decisions going forward.

Her gift also allows her to deliver messages from her clients’ ancestors, who have identified curses that have been placed on them to cause turmoil in their lives.

Thembi has assisted her clients with cleansing rituals that ward of evil spirits and negativity, allowing them to continue with their lives with more positivity.

Dloz’lami has gained popularity amongst South African viewers, as they appreciate Thembi’s candid nature when conducting her readings.

She stated, “One thing about the spirits is that they don’t sugarcoat anything. I’ll try to be subtle in delivering the message, but I have to be truthful and sincere as instructed.”

Many have noticed how her demeanour changes when delivering messages from the spirits, which she claims is her way of taking on their personalities and mannerisms.

Thembi Nyathi first gained recognition on Moja Love when she appeared on season one of Mpho Entle’s show, Umoya, in 2019. Mpho Entle was the channel’s first psychic medium, and introduced the ideology of connecting with ancestors to the audience.

The host invited Thembi to her show, as Thembi believed that she had the gift of clairvoyance but was not confident enough to use it in the same way as Mpho Entle.

After offering her guidance and support, Mpho encouraged Thembi to share her gift, as it would make a great impact on those who are in desperate need of connecting with their loved ones.

The show has generated a large audience and consistently trends on Twitter every Tuesday night. Viewers have expressed how impressed they are by Thembi’s accuracy and insight, which is evident in her readings.

Because of her popularity, Thembi’s team has issued warnings to viewers about those pretending to be her on social media, and has informed viewers that she has never taken money from clients who have appeared on the show, as proposed by the imposters.