Dloz’lami’s Thembi Nyathi cautions against impersonators

Dloz’lami’s Thembi Nyathi cautions viewers against impersonators that have been soliciting money from the public, under the false pretence that she accepts money prior to consultations.

Dloz’lami’s host, Thembi Nyathi, appeared in a video shared by Moja Love on Twitter on Thursday, 7 January 2021, which saw her informing her viewers about the fraudulent activity that has been taking place.

The channel and the host claimed that the Dloz’lami phone number has been hacked, and that the perpetrators have been contacting viewers and asking them to make payment via EFT in order to be a part of the show.

Thembi stated, “Spirits gave us another opportunity to come and educate you guys, but you guys are letting the spirits down by not using your common sense. You wouldn’t send somebody money to their account without knowing them. People, I do not take EFT.”

Moja Love has repeatedly warned viewers against fake profiles that are responsible for scamming people. Moreover, the channel has consistently urged viewers to refrain from engaging in such conversations.

Watch the video below.