Dloz’lami’s Thembi Nyathi confirms non-existent social media presence

Dloz’lami’s Thembi Nyathi is one of the most elusive television personalities and she confirms non-existent social media presence.

Dloz’lami is the hit Moja Love flagship show which airs on Tuesdays at 22:00 on Channel 157. The show is fronted by host, medium and spiritual guide, Thembi Nyathi, since its inception.

Nyathi has always been elusive on social media. However, she has since revealed that she does not have any social media accounts and is only reachable via her booking team.

Why is Dloz’lami so popular?

Dloz’lami is a reality-format show that sees medium, Thembi Nyathi, visit troubled families and find traditional ways to help the families find a resolution.

The show’s popularity arguably hinges on the testimonials from the families which suggest that Nyathi does help them with her intervention. Moreover, fans cannot deny that the conflict and drama of the situations in the episodes are also a drawcard.

Dloz’lami’s Thembi Nyathi confirms non-existent social media presence

Since the premiere of Dloz’lami, Thembi Nyathi has remained one of the most elusive South African television personalities.

She rarely conducts interviews with media outlets or publicly shares her personal contact details, which fans of the show and people who seek help on social media continually bring to the fore.

Unfortunately, her non-existent social media presence has made room for scammers to create fake accounts impersonating her to attempt to profit from her acclaim and exclusivity.

The truth is that Thembi Nyathi is not on social media and the fake social media accounts in her name are not hers, despite the large following these accounts have garnered.

Does Thembi Nyathi have Twitter?

Thembi Nyathi does not have Twitter. However, there is a Twitter (@Thembithemedium) account that was started in 2020 in her name, at the same time as the premiere of Dloz’lami.

Though the page is not legitimate, it does have a following of over 122 000 followers, who believe that the account really is Thembi Nyathi. The safest option is to report this account and raise awareness about it.

Does Thembi Nyathi have Instagram?

Similarly to Twitter, there is a fake Instagram account (@thembinyath) in Thembi Nyathi’s name with over 44 700 followers.

The page once shared banking details followers could pay money into to supposedly secure a private consultation with Nyathi, however, the account has since been confirmed as fake. Therefore, it is important to spread awareness about this for possible victims.

How else can I get in contact with Thembi Nyathi?

In October 2021, following backlash about the fake accounts scamming unsuspecting victims trying to book consultations with Thembi Nyathi, her team circulated a video of the medium confirming that she is not on social media and shared her real contact details.

However, the contact details shared have since been deactivated, and as such, there is currently no viable way to get in touch with Nyathi, unless it is through Moja Love.