Do Cancer and Sagittarius make good friends?

What does a Cancer and Sagittarius friendship look like, given that the two signs possess personality traits that are very stark, and how can they make it work?

When it comes to zodiac signs and their compatibilities in terms of relationships of any sort, whether romantic or friendship, some signs usually get along more with others than they would with a select few.

This is because certain zodiac sign energies will vibrate better with other sign energies.

The same can be said for a Cancer and Sagittarius friendship. This is a friendship that is also bound to have some of its ups and downs, as they are said to want different things but can have a friendship filled with fun and mutual trust between the two signs

Cancer and Sagittarius friends

The Cancer and the Sagittarius friendship is one that is destined to be a bit tricky and hard, and this is simply because the Cancer is looking for a person that is dependable in friendship whereas the Sagittarius is one who is a firm believer in being free and will struggle to remain in one place for too long.

The Sagittarius in this case would be the most adventurous and free-spirited one in the friendship. There are times in the friendship when the Cancer will want to stay in and the Sagittarius will want to explore.

Do Cancer and Sagittarius make good friends?

The friendship between the two signs will be tricky, as one, being the Cancer in this case, will tend to be the more reserved one while the Sagittarius will be the wilder and freer one in the friendship.

Sagittarius are always looking to do new things, be out and about and on new adventures.

If you were to rate the different aspects of the Cancer and Sagittarius friendship, they would score a three out of five when it comes to mutual interests between them.

In terms of loyalty and dependability, they would score another average of three out of five.

When it comes to trust and keeping secrets in their friendship, the signs score a strong four out of five, and another strong four out of five with fun and enjoyment between the two of them. This friendship can last despite their differences.

Cancer and Sagittarius connection in friendship

When it comes to the connection that a Cancer and Sagittarius will have, it will be one that is full of constant development, as it will contain elements of both feminine and masculine energies that come together.

This will result in the two signs having a great deal of admiration for each other.

In the case that they might have the same goals and interests, when they come together. They can easily achieve them together. The connection between the Cancer and the Sagittarius is full of potential, if both of them are able to realise it.

Cancer and Sagittarius ways of approaching life in friendship

These two signs will definitely approach life differently. The Sagittarius will be one for more thrills and will be obsessed with taking all the risks they possibly can, being more active and zealous, while the Cancer sign will be more about security, being more conservative and emotional.

The Cancer sign could be a bit caught off-guard by the over active nature of the Sagittarius’s energy, while Sagittarius will not quite understand all the mood shifts of the Cancer at times. These signs could however, learn from each other in approaching life.

Cancer as friend and Sagittarius as a friend

The Cancer as a friend will be very loyal and is known to hold friendship very close, regarding it as important. A Cancer will treat their friends as if they are family and have a very generous and protective nature about them.

The Sagittarius as a friend is known as the one who everyone will go to have some fun. They are known to have uplifting spirits that will make you happy again if you were feeling down.

They are optimistic and enthusiastic, able to draw and make friends with people easily.


Certain zodiac signs are able to sustain friendships while others would probably not. Certain energies will not always be built to vibrate with other energies, especially if they are most likely to clash.

Some zodiac signs, regardless of some minor differences are able to sustain lasting friendships built on understanding. A Cancer and a Sagittarius could or could not have a very lasting friendship.

They have very different personalities and traits, but a friendship between them has the potential to last if they are willing to be understanding of each other’s differences, by using them to their advantage.