Do eBay-promoted listings work?

Looking at how eBay-promoted listings work, some of the ways that you can take advantage of them to boost your sales, and what to consider before listing.

If you are a seller on the eBay platform and are looking to boost your sales and attract customers to your page and products, then you should be looking into the effectiveness of tools at your disposal to help you reach these goals. eBay-promoted listings are one of them and if you are considering taking advantage of promoted listings, you might be curious to know if they will be effective and help you reach and even surpass your targets and increase your chances at making more sales.

What are promoted listings on eBay, and who is eligible for them?

Promoted listings on eBay are just an advertisement campaign accessible by eBay, that offers you the help you need to reach and attract new and active buyers on your store. This will allow you as the seller to promote some of your items through the eBay platform to optimize your chances of being discovered and popping up in most searches. Should or should you not opt to advertise, it is crucial that your promoted listings are suitably optimized to attract a good user experience. An eBay-promoted listing will look like an ordinary listing on the site, but because it is promoted, the word “sponsored” will appear with it.

To be eligible to use the promoted listings tool on eBay, you would need to be a store owner on the platform or be top-rated or above standard should you not have an eBay store. As an eBay store owner, you would automatically be able to use the promoted listings tool to promote your store and products. If you do not yet own a store, eBay will look at how good of a seller you are when it comes to areas such as processing orders and how happy your customers are from your customer service.

Five ways that eBay-promoted listings will help increase your product or service sales

Through eBay-promoted listings, you are guaranteed that you will be helping more people come across your products. The more people find them, the more potential sales can come out of it. According to 2018 statistics, in the United States, eBay-promoted listings are said to gain 36 percent more views than organic listings.

Through eBay-promoted listings, you are able to choose the rate for each item you are promoting. This can be between 1 percent to 20 percent of the sale price. All of the listing fees for trading and the percentage of the sale price will be paid by eBay and you, as the seller, would only be charged per click per customer on your ad, and if they have proceeded to make the purchase in 30 days. Should any of your items be sent back, or should the customer not pay, you will be allowed free ad credits, even if the item is not sold, you will not have to pay.

eBay-promoted listings make it very easy for you to create your advert. The pricing, image and product description are all used from your original eBay listing. In this way, you do not need to stress about coming up with new descriptive copy or to photograph your products.

eBay-promoted listings allow for more targeted campaigns, meaning that you would need to invest in the ad more in order for it to gain more visibility. If you are competing on popular, highly valued items in competitive listings, this means you will have to bid more. Promoted listings can help you to build drive much faster in order to make more sales faster. Preparing your campaign ahead of time can also help make customers aware of your products sooner.

eBay-promoted listings will offer you very informative reporting on the progress of your listings helping you to improve on your performance and perfect your ad campaigns.

Things to consider when deciding if you will use promoted listings

Look into the questions about the type of products you are selling, and the pricing by comparing your prices to that of competitors selling the same or similar products. Ask yourself about the feedback you are receiving from customers, and whether it is good or bad. Consider the visibility you are achieving for your products, and how you present them in terms of which pages they appear on.

eBay-promoted listings can work for you, if you understand the ways in which to use them to actively boost your sales by understanding how they work and the ways you can use them.