Do guys like when girls make the first move?

How do guys feel about girls having the courage to now make the first move in pursuit of a relationship and asking a man out on a date?


When it comes to the pursuit of relationships and making the first move, typically, that has been a move associated with men. Men have, for the longest time been considered to be the ones who need to make the first move in the pursuit of a woman they like.

Nowadays, however, the roles seem to have shifted with a lot more women being open to actively making the first move in pursuit of a man they are interested in. Women have begun to feel empowered enough to go after a man instead of waiting for him to move first.

Girls making the first move

As times have evolved and norms have shifted, so has the pursuit for relationships. While men are still usually the ones having to make the first move in initiating a relationship with a woman, women have also begun to feel powerful and brave enough to do it themselves. This can be motivated by the fact that a woman may just have the right attitude when it comes to chasing after what they want, or it could be that women no longer believe in having to wait for a man to make the first move.

Do guys like when girls make the first move?

As this has started to become a growing trend, a lot of guys are not opposed to a girl making the first move at all. Some might even prefer that a lady make a move on him as a way of showing that she is interested and likes what she sees. Guys will tend to like being approached by a woman, as it takes the pressure off them for once. For a lot of guys, having a girl make the first move in pursuit of a relationship can make a girl come across as very attractive for having the courage to do something, typically done by men. Most men who are keen on a woman making the first move, will like it because it gives them the chance to experience getting complimented by a pretty woman.

How do guys feel when a girl makes the first move?

Some guys who have the luxury of experiencing a girl make the first move on them would describe it as flattering. A man will feel absolutely flattered by a girl making the first move on him, as it feels good for them to feel that they have attracted a woman’s affection and attention. For men, this is a significant confidence booster to know that a pretty woman found it in her to pursue him and let him know that she was interested in him enough to make the move.

What do guys feel this says about a girl?

When a guy has experienced a girl making the first move on him, it will give him a sense of the kind of woman that she is. His first initial thought would be that the girl must be very confident to make the first move, as they know what it is like to do it. A girl that has made the first move on a man will come across as very sexy to the guy she is trying to attract. Breaking the norm will make her attractive.

Why he might appreciate you making the first move instead of him

As surprising as it might seem, there are some men who genuinely struggle with making the first move when it comes to a girl they might really like. Guys do feel intimidated by a girl that comes off as too good for them. In cases like this, you will find that a guy will wait for the woman to make the first move, especially if he feels that she could be capable of doing it based on the confidence she might have displayed.


The dynamics of relationships, especially of the pursuit of relationships has changed over the times. The pursuit of relationships is no longer about the man always having to be the one to make the first move, instead, women have begun to take it upon themselves to make moves first.

Men have really embraced this new way of pursuing relationships, as it has taken a lot of pressure off them to have to approach and initiate relationships first. Men have embraced and love to see women take the leap and ask them out on a date or express their interest.