Do Snapchat messages count towards score?

Finding out if messaging on Snapchat contributes to increasing ones Snapchat Score, as well as what charms are and why score hacks will not work to increase scores.

With the Snapchat Score feature enabling users of the app to increase their scores in various ways, from using the different ways of communicating, users have taken their score very seriously.

As a result, they are doing everything they should be to increase their scores to be seen as popular on the app.

Ones Snapchat Score is a way of identifying how active they are, which can be indicative of how popular they are.

There are various ways to increase your score from activity, but some might want to know if messaging on Snapchat is also included on the list of score indicators.

Snapchat Scores and messaging

Snapchat is a multimedia messaging and sharing platform, where people take snaps to share with their community, create stories to share with their immediate Snapchat friends as well as sending and receiving messages from friends, either in text form, or as snaps.

Various tools of Snapchat determine how your Snapchat Score will increase, including the number of snaps a user sends and receives and the stories they view and share with others.

Snapchat also allows you to message other users. With all these avenues, Snapchatters might be curious as to whether exchanging messages can also gain them points.

Do Snapchat messages count towards score?

Besides taking snaps, the Snapchat app also allows its users to exchange messages in the chat feature, just like other social messaging apps.

In the case of Snapchat though, and its scoring feature based on the amount of activity users engage in, many would assume or expect that making use of messaging other users a lot would help to gain them points towards their Snapchat Scores.

Unfortunately, this is not quite the case, which might not make much sense to users as this would have been one of the best ways to increase your score significantly.

A Snapchat Score will only increase from snaps a user sends and receives, the number of users they have added, the number of stories they have posted as well as from maintaining Snap streaks with friends.

Users can also get bonus points for returning after leaving the app.

What happened to Snapchat Trophies?

Snapchat used to have a feature in the past where your Snapchat Score could unlock some Trophies for a user, which could then be used as a sort of badge system to reward users for getting creative and using the app more regularly.

Snapchat has since, however, gotten rid of Trophies and replaced them with Charms. Charms are individual icons that serve to show off special moments or similarities between users and their friends.

Charms will often change and can include different things such as a user’s zodiac sign, to their Bitmoji preferences.

Can Snapchat Score hacks help increase ones score?

People might find the idea of cheating their way around increasing their scores an option, but this is actually not quite possible.

Users need to note that there will be tons of fake advertisements of developers promising to bypass certain security measures and hack algorithms to help increase their scores for them.

There is no point in a user falling for any such traps, as they will not work. Unlike other platforms such as Twitch and Instagram, where users can manipulate their followers and buy likes, Snapchat hacks do not work.

How to start a chat on Snapchat and save or delete messages

In order to start a conversation with another user on Snapchat, users have to swipe right from the camera screen to go to the Chat Screen.

Tap on the “Chat” icon at the bottom and search for the friend you are looking to chat to and once you have found them, press “Chat.”

To go back to an already existing chat, users need to tap on the friend’s name on the Chat Screen. To delete a message a user needs to tap and hold and delete and tap to save.


The Snapchat Scoring feature is a great way of encouraging users to get more active on the app, and increase their scores to be viewed as popular and active on the app.

The higher a user’s score, the more they are deemed to be very active on the app.

There are many ways for users to increase their Snapchat Scores, including sending and receiving snaps, adding users, posting many stories and maintaining Snap Streaks with friends.

With messaging also being a feature of Snapchat, it unfortunately cannot be used to increase ones Snapchat Score, regardless of time spent messaging.