Do TikTok promotions work?

Looking at how the TikTok promote feature works and what it can do to increase the chances of getting your TikTok profile discovered and followed by more people.

Do TikTok promotions work?

If you are a TikTok content creator and are looking for more innovative ways to make more money, then you will be happy to know that the social media platform now has a feature for creators to promote their videos on the For You page of the application.

The For You page is basically where all different videos will pop up for people to view. Being able to promote your video on the For You page will definitely increase your chances of getting more views on your promoted videos.

What is the promote feature on TikTok?

The promote feature is an advertising tool that can be used in your TikTok application, to help creators get more people to find their videos and lead more people to their site.

This boosts the chances of accumulating more followers for their profiles. When your video is promoted, it will appear as an advertisement in the time that it is being promoted.

The promote feature will allow TikTok creators to follow relevant information on their promoted video as an outcome of the promotion campaign.

This information will include the number of views that your video gains from being promoted. It will also include the amount of likes and commentary on your promoted video, and the number of times it was shared by people.

You will also be able to track the amount of people who explored your profile while you were promoting a video, as well as the genders and ages of the people who have engaged with your promoted video.

What are three goals you can set when you are looking to promote your video campaign?

Before you set out to promote your content on TikTok, you will have to decide what you want your promotion campaign to achieve.

These three goals can include wanting to accumulate more views on your promoted video, to gain more website/profile visits and more followers.

Should you be after more views on your promoted video, this will mean that you are trying to reach a broader audience in the TikTok community to discover your video and watch it.

You will have to select the More Views goal when you are creating your promotional campaign. This goal will accumulate more people to watch your video, which in turn will increase the chances of more engagement on both your post and your profile.

The TikTok Promote feature will allow you to lead people directly to your profile. You can select the More Website Visits option if this is what you are trying to achieve.

Getting more people easy access to your TikTok profile will definitely boost the amount of exposure your profile will get and will help you to gain more followers at the same time.

The third goal option that you can choose when setting up your promotional video campaign is the More Followers goal.

If you are looking to gain as many followers as possible, then this is the goal you are to set when creating your video promotional campaign.

This goal will allow you to gain more followers and increase the size of your audience. Having a greater following will mean that you have potential to earn more money, as your following determines how much money you get paid on the platform.

How do you promote your TikTok videos?

So, you have determined that you are going to promote a TikTok video but need to know how. On your profile, you will have to select settings and click on Creator Tools.

Once you’re there, look for the Promote option and click on it. Look through all of your TikTok videos to determine which one you are looking to boost and think about which one will work best to reach the goal you are trying to achieve.

Once you have selected the video of choice, set the goal between More Views, More Website Visits, and More Followers.

Choose your target demographics by opting for Automatic or Custom, select your budget for how much you are willing to spend per day for promoting your video over the number of days, and you should be good to go once all these steps have been taken.

Promoting on TikTok does indeed work as you are able to set just the right specific goals for your video promotion campaign.

The goals you set will seek to achieve the same objectives which are to gain a bigger audience, gain more engagement on your post and profile, and increase the chances of getting paid more money from it.