Do you use shaving cream with an electric razor?

Electric razors are associated with dry shaving, therefore, additional products like shaving creams are not necessary, due to the make of an electric razor.

In many ways, shaving for men is a rite of passage as one transitions from adolescence to adulthood. Before the advent of technology, wet shaving was the most common method. However, with the introduction of electric razors, wet shaving has become obsolete. Electric razors are modified hair clippers which are specifically designed to groom beards and long nose hairs. This is referred to as dry shaving as it does not require the use of water.

On that account, each method calls for a different preparation approach. It’s important to note that these approaches are not interchangeable, as the use of lubricating shaving products like shaving cream could damage or compromise the efficiency of an electric razor.

Dry versus wet shaving

Dry shaving does not only refer to shaving without the use of water or lubricating products, it also refers to shaving without shaving creams, soaps, aftershave and styptic pencils. More pointedly, dry shaving is associated with the use of an electric razor, which is either operated through the use of batteries or a charger.

Initially, due to electric razors being powered by some form of an electrical conductor, the use of water or shaving products was not advised, as liquids have the potential to compromise the machine. However, through the advent of waterproof technology, electric razors can now come in contact with water and not malfunction. This means that electric razors can be used while showering or as part of your facial care routine. That being said, it should be made clear that when using an electric razor, the use of shaving creams, soaps and gels is not necessary.

Traditional or wet shaving, on the other hand, does require the use of shaving products like shaving cream. This is as the practice requires a razor blade which will make contact with the skin. So, should you not use a shaving cream, soap or gel, the blade will most likely irritate the surface of the skin, as it cuts the hair follicles from below the skin’s surface. The irritation can result in bumps and in-grown hairs.

However, if you apply shaving products like shaving creams as a protective layer, the use of the lubricating product will ensure better protection against scarring and bumps on the skin. Included as part of the aftercare following a wet shave is the use of additional products like aftershave and styptic pencils.

Required supplementary wet shaving products

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These are products which help in either hydrating or protecting the skin from possible side effects of using a traditional razor to shave. Aftershave is used to hydrate and moisturise the sensitive skin following the shave. This is integral in avoiding any painful bumps or skin irritation. Moreover, it is important to read the ingredients of the aftershave, as some contain alcohol and/or menthol which can irritate exposed and sensitive skin.

Styptic pencils, on the other hand, are pencils used to seal cuts and nicks caused by shaving. The cuts and nicks are usually associated with first timers and novices to shaving.

Ultimately, the reason for the vast difference between the two shaving experiences is the fact that they provide different results. With dry shaving, due to the electric razor only making contact with the surface of the skin, a clean, smooth finish is not attainable. Wet shaving, on the other hand, provides a clean, smooth finish due to the traditional razor coming into contact with the skin.

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Recommend electric and traditional razors

Some of the leading electric razors on the market today include the Electric Lawn Mower (Waterproof) 3.0, Braun Series 9, the Philips Series 5000 S5587 and the Hatekker 4-in-1. Although, if you are leaning more towards dry shaving, some of the recommended traditional razors on the market today include the Astra Platinum Double Edge Safety Razor BladesDerby Extra Double Edge Razor Blades and the Gillette 7 O’clock Super Stainless.