Do YouTube Shorts make money?

How YouTube Shorts creators make their money, as well as how to start creating Shorts videos on your channel and the type of content you can create.

If you have been curious to know if YouTube Shorts make money, the answer is yes. You can still get paid for making YouTube Shorts, compared to regular YouTube longer form content videos. YouTube Shorts are basically short-form vertical videos that were launched by the platform.

How do YouTube Shorts creators make money?

Currently, only YouTube creators in certain countries are eligible to receive payments for their Shorts video content. These countries are the United States, the United Kingdom, India, Indonesia, Japan, Mexico, Nigeria, Russia and South Africa. YouTube Shorts creators can get payments from the allocated YouTube Shorts Fund. The YouTube Shorts Fund is the tenth way of for YouTube creators to now make money on the platform.

All Shorts videos for YouTube creators are counted towards their Shorts performance for every month, that they gain views and not just only for the month they were uploaded. Bonus payments are also rewarded to YouTube Shorts creators. The bonus amounts are allocated based on the creator’s channel’s total Shorts performance, along with their audience location. The level of performance that is required for bonus payments of Shorts videos will not be the same for all creators and can change with every month.

The YouTube Shorts Fund is set to distribute $100 million to Shorts creators in 2021 and 2022, and creators do not need to be YouTube partners in order to earn revenue for their Shorts. YouTube has said the creators can qualify for between $100 and $10 000 per month, which is dependent on their Shorts performance. It is also dependant on them being selected for a payout from the fund for a certain month. Payments usually get sent out between the twenty-first and twenty-sixth of every month.

So, how can YouTubers make Shorts videos?

If you are already a YouTube channel owner, it will not be hard for you to create a Short as the feature will already be available for you to use. Should you just be starting on YouTube, all you would need to do is create your YouTube account so you can begin making your Shorts. Once your channel is ready and live, download the YouTube application on your device and press the large plus icon at the foot of the app to create new content. This is where you will find the button to create a Short.

By pressing the button, the Shorts camera should open up and this is when you can go ahead and record your Shorts video for 15 seconds. Once you have recorded your video, there are a number of fun features for you to play with to make your video more appealing, such as different types of texts and filters. You can also edit your video by trimming it where you need to. The last thing for you to do would be to add a caption for your Shorts video of up to 100 characters, making it short and simple as with other platforms, and upload. Your Shorts video will officially be live and will appear alongside all your other YouTube videos, if you already had some uploaded.

What type of content can Shorts creators create?

YouTube has offered some guidelines on the type of content Shorts creators can create. The platform has described Shorts in a number of ways, including “enabling the next generation of creators.” This suggests that your audience may need to be the youth, as with other short form video platforms such as TikTok. If your Shorts content is centred on youth culture and entertainment, it will most likely do well in this regard.

The YouTube guide has also described Shorts as being “bite-sized storytelling” and the “joy of short form video.” This may be suggesting that mini-narratives of up to 30 to 60 seconds could work as good Shorts content for your channel. It can be a dance challenge, unboxing a certain product, learning something new in 30 seconds or telling whatever story in the limited time. Either way, if you are able to create something with up to 60 seconds, it could make for good Shorts content. If your content is in any way going to make people happy it will make for good YouTube worthy content, which is what YouTube is seeking to achieve through its implementation of the Shorts feature, following suit from the TikTok and Snapchat platforms.

YouTube Shorts can make you some money, in the same ways that regular YouTube content creation will, however, with some differences in payment methods.