Does Bode die in Fire Country?

It will not be confirmed whether Bode died when the car fell over the bridge until the season finale of Fire Country airs.

Fire Country may only have eight episodes so far, but it has quickly become one of CBS’s most popular shows.

In the eighth episode of this popular show, the main character, Bode jumps into a car that is teetering off the side of a bridge during a rescue, but the episode ends before it shows whether he dies in the accident or not.

How popular is Fire Country?

While it is normal that most need a few seasons after their initial premiere to start gaining a large audience, other shows seem to be overnight successes from their very first season. CBS’s Fire Country falls into the latter category.

The show’s first episode, which was first aired on 7 October 2022, garnered about 5.74 million viewers, which made it the most-watched new series premiere this fall.

Over a month later, the series was still in the number one spot, and it had garnered about 8.257 million total viewers.

Does Bode die in Fire Country?

One of the reasons why Fire Country has become so popular so quickly, is because of how much fans love watching these convicts-turned-fire-fighters overcome their past in an effort to grow as people, especially in the case of Bode Donovan, who is the main character of the show.

However, fans had a sense of impending doom when the end of the first season started growing near, as they had been warned before the eighth episode even aired that this episode would be dramatic and scary.

When this episode, titled “Bad Guy” finally aired on 9 December 2022, these fears were confirmed when the team got a call to rescue two siblings.

However, in the heat of the moment, Vince’s judgement is severely compromised when this rescue triggers memories of the accident that killed his daughter.

When the one boy wakes up, Bode rushes to the car, which is literally dangling over the edge of the bridge, to try and save him.

Although Bode manages to get the boy out of the car, it ends up falling over the edge, and into the river before he can get out himself and the screen goes blank.

Thus, the prediction that there would be a cliffhanger in this episode turned out to be true in more than one sense.

Although it seems unlikely that the show would kill off its lead character so soon, it is also unlikely that Bode would survive this drop into a roaring river.

Unfortunately, it will be unconfirmed whether Bode has died until the season finale airs in 2023.

How did fans know that episode eight was going to be dramatic?

Max Thieriot, who is the co-creator and executive producer of Fire Country and who also plays Bode in the show, riled fans up before this eighth episode aired.

Not only did the preview trailer for the episode show the precarious moments before Bode fell over the side of the bridge, but Max also said in an interview that this episode was going to be “really intense, dramatic” and “scary, crazy, gut-wrenching”.

Why is this episode so significant to the show?

Regardless of Bode’s unresolved fate at the end of the eighth episode, this episode also explores the deeper issue of parents dealing with the grief of losing of their children.

There are many parallels in this episode with the instance where Vince lost his own daughter, and his grief is on full display.

Thieriot has explained that the show’s creators have done this purposefully, because they wanted to take the audience on a journey with the characters before they resolve everything at the end of the season.

What can you expect from episode nine of Fire Country?

The build-up leading up to episode eight and even the shocking, cliffhanger end of the episode all indicates that episode nine, the final episode of the first season of Fire Country, will have a suspenseful and dramatic ending, befitting the show.

Sadly, this episode, which Max Thieriot has promised will tie all of the loose ends and unpack all of the events that happened in the first season, will only air in the new year, on 6 January 2023.

This means that fans and viewers will have to wait a while for answers about whether Bode ends up surviving his fall or dying in the first season.

Until this episode airs, you can go back to refresh your memory on what happened in the first eight episodes, by streaming Fire Country on the Paramount Plus subscription service.

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