Does Cindy die on Chicago Fire?

It is unlikely that Cindy Hermann will die on Chicago Fire after she has been part of the show for so long.

Chicago Fire may only be one show in the Chicago franchise, but the series has been able to stand the test of time for 11 seasons.

Cindy and Christopher Hermann have been part of the show since its first season and fortunately, it is unlikely that Cindy will die soon, even with her new lung cancer diagnosis.

Is Chicago Fire any good?

At this point in time, it may feel like you cannot tune into NBC without seeing one of the shows in the Dick Wolf Chicago franchise.

However, among these Chicago shows, Chicago Fire has managed to stand out and gain a loyal viewership in its 11 seasons.

Chicago Fire has managed to stay on the air for so long, because of the show’s unique combination of heartfelt storylines, dramatic soap-opera moments, and the daring feats executed by the team at Firehouse 51 throughout the entirety of the show.

Does Cindy die on Chicago Fire?

One of the things that fans love about watching Chicago Fire is the fact that the secondary storylines of the firefighters and paramedics at Firehouse 51 and their love-interests and families are just as complex and interesting as the fires that the crew have to put out from one season to the next.

Cindy Herrmann and Christopher Herrmann’s relationship certainly falls into this category.

Cindy and Christopher have been an integral part of the narrative since the very first season of Chicago Fire started airing in 2012.

However, the fact that Cindy and Christopher have always been the token happily-married couple of Firehouse 51 does not mean that their road on the show has always been easy.

Over the years, Cindy and Christopher have had to face many challenges on the show and they have weathered everything from financial ruin to Christopher’s injuries just fine, until now.

However, shockingly, in episode 11 of season 11, titled “A Guy I Used to Know” it quickly became apparent that Christopher and Cindy would soon be facing their biggest challenge yet. During this episode, Cindy got a terrifying diagnosis that she has lung cancer.

This left many fans of the series afraid that she might die, but after this character’s long run on the show and the fact that she already went for a procedure to remove the mass in her lung in the next episode, it seems unlikely that she will dying soon.

However, it is evident that she and Christopher will have a difficult road ahead on the next season of the show.

How did Christopher react to Cindy’s diagnosis?

From the moment that the doctor informed Cindy and Christopher about the mass in her lung, Christopher was visibly distraught by the news.

He even tried to reason that he should be the one with lung cancer instead, since he was breathing in smoke all day. In fact, he did not even tell Chief Boden why he needed to take time off at first.

However, even though he is clearly overwhelmed by Cindy’s diagnosis, he supports her through it all by telling the children and waiting for her while she is in surgery.

How did fans react to Cindy’s storyline this season?

Most Chicago Fire fans immediately panicked when they learned about Cindy’s diagnosis. Moreover, the fact that the road forward is still so uncertain has not done much to quell these fears.

Fans of the show can all agree on one thing, the show will just not be the same without Cindy there to bring containers full of snacks to Firehouse 51 or the hospital, or even to lend a small piece of wisdom to a fire fighter in need.

What lies ahead for Cindy and Christopher on the next season of Chicago Fire?

Near the end of the final episode of the season, titled “How Does It End?” the doctor approaches Christopher while he is patiently waiting for Cindy to get out of her procedure.

Though the doctor informs Christopher that Cindy got through the operation safely and is recovering, he also delivers the bad news that they were not able to get the margins clear while removing the mass from her lung.

What is worse is that they also found traces of the cancer in her lymph nodes. Even despite this saddening news, the doctor tells Christopher to remain hopeful, as they can still treat the cancer with chemotherapy and radiation moving forward.

It is likely that this storyline will tie into something bigger for Christopher in the next season, 12th season of Chicago Fire.