Does Drew Pritchard still have a warehouse?

Drew Pritchard does not have his Conwy warehouse anymore, he sold it and moved part of his business to Gloucestershire back in 2016.

Salvage Hunters is Quest TV’s flagship show that has been a popular fixture on the channel since its inception in 2011. The show has given rise to the popularity of modern-day treasure hunter Drew Pritchard, and his best friend and co-host John Tee.

The reality-format show has been the ideal vehicle for Drew Pritchard and his business Drew Pritchard Antiques, which was started in Conwy and has, since, slowly moved out of the town throughout the years.

The first division of his business that he sold in Conwy was his warehouse, along with other parts of his business as he moved the services to Gloucestershire.

Why is Drew Pritchard famous?

As highlighted before, Drew Pritchard garnered national and international acclaim as the host of Salvage Hunters, for which the premise is, “With demanding customers, high turnover, and one of the biggest decorative salvage yards in the UK, Drew is constantly on the road, crisscrossing the country in search of derelict gems and forgotten remnants.”

In light of the success of Salvage Hunters, Pritchard has also become the frontman of its expanding spin-off shows, namely Salvage Hunters: The Restorers and the latest addition, Salvage Hunters: Classic Cars, which Turbo Pickers‘ Paul Cowland will co-host.

Does Drew Pritchard still have a warehouse?

Drew Pritchard has been an independent antique dealer for close to three decades now with his career having started in 1993.

When he started garnering a following as an independent antique dealer, he was based in Glan Conwy with a celebrity and royal clientele including acclaimed interior designer, Annabel Elliot, fashion designer Ralph Lauren, and renowned British chef, Marco Pierre White.

His base in the early years as the business expanded was a store in Conwy and a warehouse in Glan Conwy. In 2016, he started what ended up being his progressive exit from the town as he sold his Conwy warehouse in that year.

However, when he sold the warehouse and moved parts of his business to Gloucestershire, Pritchard stated that he would still be based in Conwy.

At the time, the native said, “I’m staying in Conwy, I was born and bred here and here’s where I’m staying.” The modern-day treasure hunter went on to add, “My team of restorers and so on are all here, we aren’t going anywhere.”

Pritchard seemed intent on staying in his hometown as long as possible, saying, “Although our Glan Conwy base is going, I am looking for a new place in Conwy for storage and the renovation work. Ideally I’d like one in the town itself, but it has to be the right place and size.”

Furthermore, he indicated that he wanted to make a home for himself in the town.

Drew Pritchard sells Conwy warehouse, but buys home

Drew Pritchard sold his Conwy warehouse in 2016, which led to speculation that the antique dealer was moving away from the town.

Pritchard countered the narrative with his statement, “I’ve bought a new house in Conwy, and am looking forward to renovating it and being able to walk to work.”

The house he bought was not a house initially, Pritchard bought the house after selling his previous home, a former chapel built in 1812 that he renovated and sold for over £795 000.

While his intention was to stay in Conwy as long as possible, it seems that Pritchard is seeking new pastures.

Drew Pritchard closes shop in Conwy

In 2017, Drew Pritchard opened Drew Pritchard’s Antiques physical store in the historical town on High Street. The store attracted local and foreign tourism because of Pritchard’s fame as the frontman of the hit show Salvage Hunters.

But in May 2022, Pritchard released a statement confirming the closure of the store. The news came as a surprise since Pritchard initially secured permission to expand his unit. His statement read:

“Our Conwy showroom has now closed whilst we move to new pastures so please don’t travel to visit us. We continue to trade online as we have always done with new stock listed every week.”

When is the new season of Salvage Hunters coming?

Salvage Hunters concluded its season 16 run in March 2022. Following the end of the season, Salvage Hunters confirmed on their social media that they are currently working towards shooting in Dorset.

But it is speculated that season 17 has already been shot, and that Salvage Hunters, co-hosted by Drew Pritchard and John Tee, is set to return on Thursday, 2 June 2022 at 21:00 to Quest TV.