Does Eugene die in The Walking Dead?

Eugene does not die in the final episode of The Walking Dead, in fact, he  starts a family in the Commonwealth a year later.

The creators behind The Walking Dead created a series finale that finished many of the characters’ story arcs and gave the fans of the series what they wanted.

Eugene was one of the characters whose fate looked grim heading into the finale, even though he had grown so much. Fortunately, he did not die, and he continued to live in the Commonwealth.

How was The Walking Dead’s series finale received?

It is  often difficult for the creators of a long-running series to create an ending that feels like an appropriate send-off for the characters, and a satisfying conclusion to the story.

However, in the case of The Walking Dead’s series finale, the creative team managed to craft an ending for the show that delivered what fans were expecting.

Although the finale was not perfect and it felt a bit chaotic at times, it tied up some of the remaining loose ends from the show.

Does Eugene die in The Walking Dead?

Many people credit the fact that there are several The Walking Dead spin-offs in the works for how well thought-out and constructed the finale was.

But the incredible, continual personal growth that many of the characters have undergone since their first seasons on the show should not be overlooked when it comes to the finale.

One of the best examples of such a character is Eugene Porter. When Eugene first joined the cast of the show in season four, his intellect was misunderstood by everyone around him, but by the final season he became instrumental in the plan to overthrow the Commonwealth’s corrupt government.

However, even though Eugene has displayed tremendous growth through his seven seasons on the show, this never changes the fact that he does what he needs to in order to survive.

This has led many of the characters on the show, and fans of the show to believe that he is to blame for the position that the communities find themselves in with the Commonwealth and that this should have resulted in his death in the series finale.

Whether there is validity to this statement or not, Eugene does not die in the series finale.

It later becomes evident that his character has truly learned from all that has happened to him. He even starts his own family later in the Commonwealth alongside some of the other survivors.

Why did fans think that Eugene would die in the finale?

Most of The Walking Dead fans knew that some of their most beloved and most hated characters would probably die in the series finale episode, just on account of the bloody nature of the show.

Many fans assumed that Eugene would be one of these characters since it seemed somewhat karmic for him to die after being the one to led them to the Commonwealth to begin with.

Then, when he chose to face his fears head-on at his trial, it seemed as though his character arc had reached its natural ending and many fans believed that this sealed his fate. However, it seems that Eugene was only starting a new arc when the old one was completed.

Where did Eugene end up after the events of the finale?

One of the biggest turning points for Eugene’s character in this final season of the show was when he chose to stay behind in the Commonwealth to try and save Max even though he knew that this would put endanger his own life.

Fortunately, this all turned out well for Eugene and the one-year time jump at the end of the final episode shows him happily married to Max. The two of them even started a family together.

Which other characters are alive by the end of The Walking Dead?

Eugene may have been the only one from his original group to still be alive by the end of The Walking Dead, but many other characters also made it out of the series finale alive.

This includes Negan Smith, who was one of Eugene’s only advocates throughout the season and Ezekiel, who was appointed to lead the Commonwealth and who Eugene would have to work under moving forward.

Some of the other fan-favourite characters who are still alive include Carol Peletier, who also chose to stay at the Commonwealth, and her friend, Daryl Dixon, who did not, as well as Aaron, Father Gabriel, Lydia, Jerry, Magna, Yumiko, Connie, Kelly, and more.

In a shocking twist, Pamela is also left alive, so that she can live to face her actions.