Does fuboTV have TBS?

TBS is not back on the fuboTV platform just yet, but recent reports and glitches indicate that this channel may return soon.

What sets fuboTV apart from other similar streaming services is the platform’s focus on sports entertainment and channels.

Despite of this, however, fuboTV removed TBS and all the other Turner Entertainment Networks channels from its platform in 2020.

Moreover, even though there is a strong possibility that they could return now, TBS is not currently available on the platform.

Is subscribing to fuboTV worth it?

There are so many different streaming services available, which can sometimes make it overwhelming to try and figure out if adding a new one to your library will even be worth the additional subscription price.

fuboTV is certainly at the pricier end of the spectrum, but in exchange for this fee, you will get access to over 115 different channels, including sports-focused live streams.

fuboTV also offers subscribers a number of add-on services for an additional price, so that you can customise the application to your liking.

Does fuboTV have TBS?

One of the main elements that initially drew so many subscribers to the fuboTV platform was its wide variety of content from professional and college sports leagues.

However, these same fuboTV subscribers became quite upset in 2020 when they learned that the platform had ended its agreement with the Turner Entertainment Networks, and that channels like TBS, TNT, TBS, TruTV, and CNN would no longer be available to stream on fuboTV.

Fortunately, it seems like this disappointment will not last long. Even though TBS and the rest of the Turner Entertainment Networks are not available on fuboTV just yet, there is hope that they will be returning to the platform in the near future.

With the Warner Bros. Discovery merger in the works, it seems as though this company, which owns the Turner Entertainment Networks channels, is more open to forming new agreements with streaming services now than they were in the past.

Some fuboTV subscribers even experienced a glitch where some of these channels appeared on their fuboTV applications at the beginning of the 2023 year.

Although fuboTV’s spokesperson denied claims that they would be launching any new networks from Warner Bros. Discovery, other reports have surfaced saying that TBS could be available on the platform as soon as 16 January 2023.

This would certainly help to make up for their increased pricing structures.

Why the Turner Entertainment Networks channels were originally removed from fuboTV

Before the Warner Bros. Discovery merger was underway, fuboTV and WarnerMedia reportedly could not reach a consensus that made both companies happy and, as a result, the Turner Entertainment Networks channels were removed.

It is also worth noting that fuboTV had signed a new deal with Walt Disney Company during this time, and this most likely contributed to the decision to remove TBS and the other channels from the network.

However, since the Warner Bros. Discovery merger started, the company has shown a significant shift in its priorities, and this may make it easier for fuboTV to negotiate their terms.

This why many people believe that the Turner Entertainment Networks channels will eventually return to the platform.

About fuboTV’s rising prices

Even though fuboTV subscribers have been complaining about the lack of Turner Entertainment Networks channels since pretty much the moment that they were removed in 2020, the platform has tried to make up for by adding new channels like Comedy Central, Nickelodeon, BET, and MTV.

However, this new content has come at an increased price and the fuboTV Pro plan, which is the most affordable option, will now be $69.99 per month.

Other places to watch TBS if it does not return to fuboTV

Even though the chances that TBS and the other Turner Entertainment Networks channels will return to fuboTV in the near future have increased, fuboTV has not made any official announcements about this just yet.

This means that if you want to watch your favourite sports content on TBS, your best bet is to subscribe to a service, trial, or platform that already has the TBS content available.

This includes platforms like SlingTV, which is available from $40 per month, and DIRECTV, which has a $69.99 monthly subscription fee after the five-day free trial, or even through Hulu, which is also $69.99 per month.

Alternatively, if you only want to watch TBS for a short time, you can skip the hassle of subscribing to yet another streaming service by taking advantage of YouTube TV’s two-week free trial for new users, which you can cancel at any time and which gives you access to TBS.