Does fuboTV have TNT?

fuboTV has a large variety of sports content and various sports-focused add-ons, but it does not have TNT.

fuboTV has earned a reputation for being one of the best streaming services on the market for subscribers who enjoy watching sports content.

This platform includes access to almost all of the most popular American sports, including the NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL. But it is important to note that fuboTV no longer has TNT or any of the other Turner channels.

Why fans are always looking for TNT on fuboTV

fuboTV has always been unofficially branded as the best streaming service when it comes to sports content.

In fact, David Gandler, the fuboTV CEO, confirmed in 2020 while speaking at the Deutsche Bank Conference that 96 percent of the platform’s users continue to use fuboTV because of the wide range of sports content that it offers.

This is why many new fuboTV users immediately look for TNT when they first join the platform.

fuboTV is known for its sport content, and TNT is home to telecasts from the NBA, Major League Baseball, NCAA Men’s Division, AEW Rampage, and the NHL, after all.

Does fuboTV have TNT?

Unfortunately, any search for TNT or any of the other so-called “Turner” channels, including TBS, TruTV, the Cartoon Network, and CNN, on fuboTV’s line-up of content will come up empty.

While it is true that fuboTV once carried this content, TNT and all the other Turner channels were removed from the platform back in 2020.

These channels were originally removed because the fuboTV executives and the WarnerMedia executives (who own the Turner channels) could not reach a consensus which satisfied both parties.

However, reports surfaced earlier this year which claimed that fuboTV may have signed a new deal and that these channels, including TNT would be added back to the fuboTV line-up as soon as 16 January 2023.

Unfortunately, this rumoured date has since come and gone, but TNT and the other Turner channels have not yet been added to fuboTV. As a result, these rumours have been completely debunked.

This means that if you want to watch TNT content, you will have to go through a different streaming service like Sling TV, DIRECTV or Hulu.

This may be disappointing news if you have been considering adding a fuboTV subscription to your monthly in-home entertainment budget, but it is worth keeping in mind that fuboTV still has an extensive library with a lot of other sports content.

Though the platform does have limitations, you can choose to upgrade your subscription with various sports-focused add-ons, in order to add even more variety to your subscription package.

What does fuboTV not have?

Like all streaming services, fuboTV will never be a complete replacement for a cable subscription and there are some gaps in the platform’s programming.

The most notable channels that are missing from fuboTV’s line-up are the Turner channels, but it is important to note that this service also lacks the kind of reach that cable has in terms of regional sports coverage.

This is also true for RSNs, since fuboTV only carries FOX and Bally Sports RSNs. For this reason, it is important that you check the fuboTV regional channel availability in your area before you subscribe to the platform.

What kind of sports content does fuboTV have?

Even the fuboTV base plan offers subscribers a variety of sports content. This includes Live NFL games; NBA, MLB, and NHL specific channels; college football, various regional sports channels, AT&T Sports Net Rocky Mountains, Big Ten Network, ABC, FOX, FS1, and ESPN.

fuboTV has also added Bally Sports RSNs to its line-up since the beginning of 2023. There are additional charges for every RSN that is available in your area, but this is automatically added to your monthly subscription price.

About the fuboTV sports-focused add-ons

The fuboTV base plan already gives you access to a lot of sports-focused content, but you can add even more to your library with one of the following add-ons:

Add-on Price Content
fuboTV Extra $8 per month extra ACC Network, ESPNU, ESPNews, MLB Network, NBATV, NHL, Network, SEC Network, Tennis Channel, and Zona Futbol
Sports Lite $10 per month NBA TV, MLB Network, NHL Network, Tennis Channel, SEC Network, ACC Network, ESPNU, and ESPNews
Sports Plus $11 per month All of the Sports Lite content, plus Fight Network, Game+ Network, MLB Strike Zone, NFL RedZone, Pac-12, Stadium Plus FanDuel Racing, Racing America, FuelTV, NXT LVL Sports, Fight Network, VSiN, SportsGrid, Zona Futbol, and Stadium

There is also an international sports-focused add-on and an “Adventure Plus” add-on, which caters to outdoor sports enthusiasts.