Does Garage Squad pay for everything?

Garage Squad does not ask owners to pay for the restoration of their cars, but the show does partner with quite a few sponsors.

The Garage Squad restorations focus more on getting cars working and out of their owners’ garages than on flashy and over-the-top designs.

The owners of the cars that Garage Squad restores do not have to pay for the restorations, but the show does utilize its sponsors to make things more affordable.

The Garage Squad restorations

Car restoration shows come in all different shapes and sizes these days. While some seem to focus solely on building the most outrageous and over-the-top cars that they possibly can, Garage Squad has always stayed true to its humbler roots.

The cars (or sometimes, hunks of metal which vaguely resemble something that used to be a car) always have a previously-loved project which somehow slipped through the cracks with their owner.

Thus, they are usually in need of some serious care and craftsmanship to get them up and running again.

There are few things better than getting to see an overwhelmed DIY-mechanic’s eyes light up when they finally see their original vision come to life.

Does Garage Squad pay for everything?

It can be immensely entertaining to watch the Garage Squad team works together to restore a project which has been left unattended for months, and sometimes even years, over the course of a single episode.

But the fact that the show is tasked with condensing this restoration project into just a few minutes of television means that many of the behind-the-scenes details often get left on the cutting room floor.

One of the aspects that never quite seems to be addressed directly on the show and which has had Garage Squad fans pondering for years, is the question of who actually pays for all of these restorations.

If you have ever attempted to restore your own vintage car (or even worse, had to consult an expert in the matter) you would likely already know that completing a full restoration does not come cheap.

However, the FAQ section on the Garage Squad website confirms that the owners of the cars which are featured on the show do not have to foot the bill of the restorations themselves.

Garage Squad does not always pay for everything out of pocket, though, and the show makes it a point to thank some of their main sponsors.

These include Cooper Tires and (which you may have already seen featured throughout Garage Squad episodes), for providing some much-needed assistance with these projects, financial and otherwise.

The free restoration does come with a catch

It may seem like a great deal for the classic car owners who have their rides restored by the experts on Garage Squad completely for free. But this incredible gift does come with its own terms and conditions.

One of these conditions was confirmed by the official Garage Squad account in the comment section of an interview segment with Bruno, which was uploaded to the website in 2017.

This comment confirmed, once again, that the car owners do not have to pay for the restorations on the show, but added that they do have to work on the car alongside the Garage Squad team.

Garage’s Squad reliance on sponsorships has been controversial

The Garage Squad team has faced considerable backlash over the years for choosing to use parts from their array of sponsors instead of trying to source original parts for their builds.

However, the team’s lead mechanic, Joe Zolper, has defended this choice by explaining that making the parts and other things that they have in the shop work within the limited time that they have to film each episode is a talent in itself.

He claims that this is part of the reason why he enjoys working with the rest of the team so much.

Does the Garage Squad team volunteer their time for free?

The Garage Squad team may be known for using some unconventional methods to get the job done, but they certainly all know their way around the chassis.

The restoration projects that are featured on the show can reportedly take up to seven days to complete in real life, which means that Joe, Bogi, Cy, Ronnie, Kingster and even Bruno, likely put in hundreds of hours of work in every season of the show.

The Garage Squad members are paid to appear on the show. But since the owners of the cars do not have to pay for the restoration work, it is likely that this appearance fee includes a sum for the services rendered on the show, as well.