Does Hulu carry NFL the Network?

Hulu+ Live TV, along with its competitors, offer subscribers access to the NFL Network, so the customer can decide which live TV streaming service is ideal.

Live TV streaming services have been the answer for the general public looking to end their expensive relationship with cable services. As such, there is continually competition between leading live TV streaming services and their various packages and price points. Therefore, it is important to always compare factors thoroughly.

For sporting fans, particularly National Football League (NFL) fanatics, the rise of live TV streaming services is quite convenient. This is as most of the popular live TV streaming services offer the NFL Network. This includes Hulu+ Live TV and other popular live TV streaming services like YouTube TV, fuboTV, and Sling TV.

Ultimately, the decision is up to individuals to consider which subscription would best suit their particular needs.

What are the benefits of a live TV streaming service?

As highlighted before, the biggest benefit of having a live TV streaming service instead of a cable contract is the lack of “red tape” involved and the inexpensiveness in comparison.

With live TV streaming services, it is as easy as signing up, sharing your banking details, enjoying a free trial period with most leading services, and immediate change when cancelling your subscription.

There is no need to wait for installation or pay an exorbitant price with a long-term contract which, in most cases, is inconvenient to cancel.

Does Hulu carry the NFL Network?

Hulu does not carry the NFL Network as it is the video-on-demand version of the leading popular platform. In order to access the NFL Network, you need to have a Hulu+ Live TV subscription.

With a Hulu+ Live TV subscription additionally to watching the games in real time, you can record the games too. Hulu+ Live TV also has channels like NBC, CBS, FOX, and ESPN, which ensures you can watch all your NFL pro football games.

A Hulu+ Live TV subscription costs $69.99 per month. Besides the aforementioned channels available, there are added benefits of having the subscription.

The basic package has 50 hours of cloud DVR storage with upgrades available, you can watch from two separate devices simultaneously, you can create six profiles on a single account, and you have access to Hulu’s streaming on-demand library.

Moreover, it should be noted that the NFL Redzone channel is not part of the standard subscription package. In order to access NFL Redzone, you need to add the channel as an add-on for the additional cost of $9.99 per month.

If this is too steep for you, the NFL Network is also available on other live TV streaming services. In light of this, take the time to compare prices and benefits from similar leading service providers.

Does YouTube TV carry the NFL Network?

YouTube TV is another live TV streaming service that has the NFL Network. The service introduced the channel in 2020, prior to the beginning of the annual NFL season.

However, similarly to Hulu+ Live TV, the platform only offers NFL Redzone as an add-on for the extra cost of $10.99, which is additionally to the monthly subscription fee of $64.99.

This still makes YouTube TV a cheaper subscription to have as the total is $76, compared to the $80 for the Hulu+ Live TV subscription. Moreover, YouTube TV has unlimited DVR cloud space to record all your sports games in case you miss them.

Does fuboTV carry the NFL Network?

fuboTV is also on the leading live TV streaming services that has NFL Network as part of its standard subscription package. The standard package by fuboTV is the Fubo Pro which costs $69.99 a month.

With this subscription package, fuboTV is touted as one of the best live TV streaming services for sport lovers. However, fuboTV, too, only offers NFL Redzone as an add-on channel for the additional cost of $10.99 per month.

This makes the total cost of a fuboTV subscription the same as that of a Hulu+ Live TV subscription, with fuboTV’s additional benefits including 112 channels, 1 000 hours of cloud-based DVR, and the use of up to 10 screens at once.

Does Sling TV carry the NFL Network?

Sling TV and the NFL Network have had an on-and-off relationship, and currently it is “on,” as the channel is available on the platform. However, in June 2021, the channel was not available.

Moreover, Sling TV’s pricing is better for NFL Network viewers. For a subscription, you pay for the Sling Blue package, which costs $35 per month and an additional $11 for NFL Redzone, which is part of the Sling Blue Sports Extra package.