Does Judith die in The Walking Dead?

Judith does not die from her gunshot wound in The Walking Dead, but she lives to have a safe and happy life in the Commonwealth.

Although The Walking Dead was incredibly popular and successful, the show was cancelled after 11 seasons so that resources could be reallocated to its spin-offs.

Fortunately, although Judith Grimes was badly injured in the penultimate episode of the show, she did not die in the series finale. In fact, she actually ended up living a happy life one year on.

Why The Walking Dead came to an end

The Walking Dead first started airing in 2010 and the show quickly gained popularity amongst the zombie- and post-apocalyptic enthusiast audiences, but it also achieved mainstream success.

The series was nominated for many awards, including a Golden Globe, an Emmy, and a Critics Choice award through the years. It is also widely regarded as one of the most popular sci-fi shows to ever exist.

However, the show concluded with its eleventh season in 2022 after a steady decline in viewership led the network to believe that their resources were better spent on the various spin-off shows. These shows will hopefully expand the universe and refresh the franchise.

Does Judith die in The Walking Dead?

The last episode of the show aired at the end of a super-sized 24-episode-long eleventh season on 20 November 2022.

Many old and new fans tuned in to watch this final episode titled “Rest In Peace” to see how the show’s creators would go about giving the beloved characters suitable send-offs and tying up the last few loose ends in the plot of the series.

It was surprising that this last episode was not as bloody and did not feature as many deaths as some of the previous season finale episodes had.

However, it was not surprising that the episode was jam-packed with action, as many of the main characters worked to overthrow Pamela and her corrupt Commonwealth government.

Just before the series finale episode aired, the outlook for Judith’s recovery seemed bleak after Pamela shot her. Fortunately, this happened of the Commonwealth and Daryl could rush to get help from Dr. Tomi in order to save her life. \

Daryl had to fight through a walked attack and transfuse some of his own blood in order to save her, but fortunately, Judith did not end up dying from her gunshot wound in the penultimate episode and she was still alive by the end of season 11.

In fact, by the end of the one-year time jump at the end of the episode, it is apparent that Judith has managed to build a relatively happy and safe shelter for herself with her friends.

What happened to Judith after the time jump?

At the end of the final episode of The Walking Dead, there is a flash-forward to one year after the corrupt Commonwealth government was overthrown.

Here, Judith is shown receiving her compass from Negan and happily exploring with Elijah, RJ, and Lydia and the rest of the survivors in the Commonwealth.

Judith seems content with their life, and she even tells RJ that they get to start over and that they are the ones who lived.

Did Judith die in the comic books?

As with many other characters in the The Walking Dead franchise, Judith’s fate in the comic books was very different to her fate on the show. In the comic books, Judith is a minor character and she actually dies at a relatively young age.

Unfortunately, unlike in the show where Judith grows up surrounded by all of the other survivors, in the comic books, her mother’s corpse falls on top of her body and crushes her when she is only a month old, which is much worse.

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What happened to Judith’s adoptive family?

One of the most emotional storylines in the entire show was when Rick Grimes adopted Judith after the death of her parents and raised her as his own. When Rick disappeared, Michonne even took over and continued raising Judith and her adoptive brother.

Fortunately, some of the very last scenes in this finale episode revealed that Rick was alive after all and that Michonne was on a new mission to track him down.

Viewers believe that these scenes were purposefully included to play into a new spin-off series that will see this narrative play out.

This means that Judith’s adoptive family is alive and that there may even be the possibility of a reunion between all of them in the future in an upcoming spin-off.

However, Judith’s appearance in this spin-off has not been confirmed, so this is currently still just speculation and wishful thinking.