Does Kheerat leave EastEnders?

Kheerat does leave EastEnders following his arrest in the 10 November 2022 episode after three years on the show.

There are several reasons why soap operas like EastEnders have remained such popular forms of entertainment over the years.

One of the reasons why fans keep watching EastEnders is because they form a bond with characters like Kheerat.

However, after three years on EastEnders, Kheerat will leave the show permanently after his arrest in the episode which aired on 10 November 2022.

Why are soap operas so popular?

EastEnders has been broadcast on BBC One since February of 1985 and it has consistently been one of the top-rated soap operas ever since.

There are many reasons why the fans of shows like EastEnders keep tuning in to watch every new episode, and some of the top reasons include escapism, familiarity, and just plain entertainment.

People love experiencing the ups and downs of characters’ lives and for many, this gives them the opportunity to escape their real-life problems, even if it is just for a little while.

It also helps that soap operas often have long-running narratives, storylines, and characters with which fans can form a connection over time.

Does Kheerat leave EastEnders?

One of the drivers behind the popularity of soap operas like EastEnders is the fact that viewers can form an emotional attachment to the recurring characters.

However, this does not mean that the EastEnders creators will not kill off beloved characters in a twist, especially when they want to shock audiences now and then.

In fact, this is exactly what happened when the beloved character, Kheerat Panesar, suddenly and shockingly left the show following his arrest in the episode which aired on 10 November 2022.

At first, fans were unsure what was next for Kheerat when he took the fall and was arrested for the murder of Ranveer Gulati in order to secure his mother, Suki’s freedom.

But the actor who plays Kheerat on the show, Jaz Deol, and the creators of the show later confirmed that Jaz, and by extension, Kheerat, would be leaving the show permanently and he would not return after this episode.

Even though Kheerat leaving EastEnders comes as an unexpected twist at the end of a murder investigation which involved almost the entire Panesar family, it seems as though Jaz has left the show amicably, even though this will certainly have dire implications for other characters on the show.

What led up to Kheerat leaving EastEnders?

Kheerat’s arrest in this episode of EastEnders was a somewhat dramatic departure from the show, as it came as an unexpected conclusion to the investigations surrounding Ranveer Gulati’s murder.

At the beginning of this episode, Kheerat’s mother was in custody for being suspected of the murder.

However, in a bid to get his mother out of custody, Kheerat discovered that his half-brother, Ravi Gulati, and Nina Gupta had been working together and had essentially planned to frame Suki for the murder.

As a result, Kheerat decided to take the fall for the murder to save his mother from further prosecution and hands himself over to the police when they come to arrest him even though Suki and his love-interest, Stacey, had urged him not to take the fall before the police arrived.

How significant has Kheerat’s character been on EastEnders?

Jaz Deol first joined the cast of EastEnders to play Kheerat in 2019 and he has been one of the fan-favourite characters as well as a central figure in the Panesar family for over three years.

Kheerat leaving the show will not only have a direct impact on his mother, Suki, who was essentially absolved because of his sacrifice and who will need to learn to live with this moving forward, but it will also have an indirect impact on many other characters in the series.

This includes his love-interest, Stacey, who broke down before his arrest and maybe even Ravi, who likely will not have to face any charges for killing Ranveer moving forward.

How has Jaz Deol and the cast handled Kheerat leaving the show so suddenly?

Although this decision for Kheerat  was sad news for many EastEnders fans and likely even shocked the cast themselves, Jaz Deol has taken to social media to thank his cast mates for his positive experience on the show and  shared some behind-the-scenes photos of the cast.

The creators behind EastEnders and other cast members have also announced that they are sad to see Jaz leave the show and wish him all the best in the future. For this reason, it seems like the split between Jaz and the show has been mutually amicable.

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