Does Love come back in You?

Love will come back in the second part of You season four, most likely as a hallucination, after she was killed in the previous season.

Many You fans have grown to love Love Quinn-Goldberg because she exacts revenge in her own way. As such, many viewers were devastated when she died last season.

Fortunately, the preview for the second part of the fourth season of the series has revealed that Love will make an appearance on the show again, even though it may only be as a hallucination.

Why people love Love Quinn-Goldberg

There are few things more entertaining than watching a woman who has been wronged by those closest to her take revenge on her own terms. Love Quinn-Goldberg from the Netflix hot series, You, embodies this empowering “good for her” trope perfectly.

While she was simply introduced as a fun-loving and passionate chef in the second season of the show, Joe Goldberg eventually uncovered her real, much more sinister identity, but not in time to avoid having a child with her.

The third season of You really saw Love coming into her own agency as she killed whomever threatened her imperfect little family.

Does Love come back in You?

In fact, Love’s determination to make her murderous marriage with Joe work is part of the reason that she eventually ends up getting her killed.

In an unexpected turn of events, this third season ended with Love’s body being left to burn in their family home and Joe getting away with a staged murder-suicide.

This also served as a cover-up for all of the other carnage that the couple had caused during their time in Madre Linda.

You fans were devastated when Love died, as she was such a perfect foil for Joe in the second and third season of the show and many people were hoping that her character would reprise her role in the fourth season.

At first it seemed very unlikely that Love would return to the show. After all, she is dead, and Joe seemed to have moved on with his life in the first part of the fourth season of You.

However, Love’s return to the show was confirmed in a short preview that was released at the end of part one of season four.

In this trailer, Love was shown comfortably sitting on an armchair inside of Joe’s box, but fans will have to wait and see how all of this comes together in the second part of the fourth season.

Is Love really dead?

While many fans did not want to believe that Joe killed Love at first, You’s showrunner, Sera Gamble, and the actress who plays Love, Victoria Pedretti, have confirmed that she really died at the end of the third season.

In fact, Victoria Pedretti even confirmed that she knew Love would have such a tragic fate before she agreed to portray the character.

In the end, the show needed to kill off Love because she and Joe could not continue to co-exist in the same space without arousing suspicions any longer.

How will Love be in season four if she died?

Even though Love is almost certainly dead, this would not be the first time that You reprised a character from beyond the grave.

In fact, in the first season of the show, Joe hallucinated about Candace quite often while he still thought he had killed. Moreover, in the third season he saw Beck in the form of a hallucination.

This is why it seems likely that Love will return to You in the second part of the fourth season in the form of a hallucination that will force him to face a difficult truth about himself.

What to expect from the second part of You season four

Along with Love’s surprise return to the series, the preview at the end of You season four part one also gave fans a glimpse of how the other events of the season will unfold.

After Joe also narrowly escaped being burned half-alive at the end of the first part of the season, it seems as though he will enter the second part with a newfound drive to stop Rhys, who has been revealed to be the “Eat The Rich killer”.

However, as serious as Joe is about this, Rhys seems to think of his little rivalry with Joe as a big joke and is much more focused on running for mayor and killing the rich people who he feels have it coming.

Joe is also seen returning to his old baseball cap-wearing stalker ways, which does not bode well for those around him, including his new love-interest, Kate.