Does Negan die in The Walking Dead?

Negan does not die in The Walking Dead, and he is actually set to star in his very own upcoming spin-off show.

The Walking Dead made a name for itself as one of the bloodiest shows on television right from the start of its run.

Negan was one of the characters that contributed the most of the brutal and violent acts in the show, but even so, he did not die in the series finale episode and is set to star in his own spin-off.

How bloody is The Walking Dead really?

It did not take long for The Walking Dead to start making headlines for the brutal and violent way that the show killed off characters.

Although the suffering portrayed on The Walking Dead can sometimes be explicit and cruel, fans of the show have always advocated for the fact that all of this is done to drive the narrative forward and only serves to motivate the surviving characters.

Does Negan die in The Walking Dead?

Whether you are an advocate for the violence on The Walking Dead or not, there is no denying that the success of the sixth season of the show was due, in part, to fans’ excitement about the introduction of the infamously brutal character from the comic books, Negan Smith.

Most of the sixth and seventh seasons of the show featured scenes in which Negan not only led the Saviors in their tirades, but also beat several characters, including Abraham and Glenn, to death with his barbed-wire covered bat who is named “Lucille”.

However, as the seasons progressed, Negan eventually learned from his mistakes and near the end of the series, he had even started fighting alongside some of the other survivors, including Maggie (Glenn’s widow).

This made his character more of an anti-hero than an antagonist by the time that the very last episode of the series, titled “Rest in Peace,” aired on 20 November 2022.

Fortunately, this personal growth also made his character the ideal lead for a spin-off series and it is likely part of the reason why he is one of the characters who did not die in the finale.

In the last episode of The Walking dead, Negan and Maggie set out on a mission to take down Governor Milton. Negan even offers to do the killing to protect Maggie from the consequences of their actions.

Later, he and Maggie also have an emotional interaction where she admits that she will never be able to forgive him for what he did to Glenn.

Both Negan and Maggie survive the rest of the chaos in the finale and the last glimpse that fans got of Negan was when he exchanged nods with all of the other survivors before leaving on his own.

Which The Walking Dead spin-off will Negan be starring in?

Although fans got to see a little glimpse of Negan’s original story in the season 10 finale, they will soon get to see a lot more of this character in his own spin-off series titled The Walking Dead: Dead City.

This spin-off will see Negan travel to New York City to hunt down a notorious killer, and many fans speculate that this is where he went after he left the group in the series finale. Additionally, Maggie will also be joining Negan on this new adventure.

Does Negan die in the comic books?

The Walking Dead is known for deviating from the comic books that the show is based on to shock and surprise viewers.

However, in much the same way as in the show, Negan does not die in the comic books either. In fact, in the issue aptly titled “”Negan Lives!”, he is sentenced to a life in exile after Maggie confronts him and realises that he had already accepted his fate.

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Which other characters survive in the finale?

For a show that is known for being bloody, The Walking Dead’s series finale episode turned out to be fairly tame. Of course, there were a few shocking character deaths throughout the episode, but surprisingly, many of the main characters survived.

This includes other fan-favourite characters like Carol, Ezekiel, and Eugene, who all stayed at the Commonwealth to help build a new and less corrupt government, and Daryl, who will also get his own spin-off show.

Judith is also alive at the end of the series despite her near-death experience in the finale.

Of course, Pamela is also alive after Negan convinced Maggie that keeping her alive is worse than shooting her. In the last few moments of the finale, Negan’s old foe, Rick, returns in a shocking reveal.