Does Tommy die in Power?

Power’s Tommy Egan does not die, especially considering that following the conclusion of the series, his character has received a spinoff series scheduled for release in 2022.


Power is the runaway successful Courtney A. Kemp created action-drama series which launched in 2014. The show had a six-season run, spawning two spinoffs.

The first being Power Book II: Ghost, and the second spinoff, Power Book IV: Force, is currently in production, and is set to premiere in 2022.

Beloved recurring main supporting character, Tommy Egan, has been confirmed to be part of the upcoming spinoff, as he was part of the other two shows. Egan has been responsible for a number deaths on the show, and has still to die in any of the Power universe series.

Who is Tommy Egan?

Tommy Egan is primarily played by the actor, Joseph Sikora. When Power first premiered, Egan was lead character, James St. Patrick’s best friend and business partner.

They had a familial relationship, as they grew up in the same neighbourhood, but their friendship really stemmed from Egan being bullied for being the only white child in an all-Black community.

While he played one of the lead supporting main roles on Power, he also occasionally guest appeared in Power Book II: Ghost. Sikora is now set to reprise his beloved and troubled character as the lead of Power Book IV: Force.

Does Tommy Egan die in Power?

Tommy Egan does not die on Power, in fact, he is one of the main characters that has a wholesome conclusion to his storyline, by the time the series concluded in season six.

While his best friend, Ghost died, he managed to get away from his previous life of crime and gangsterism in New York and looked to start a new life somewhere else.

He also managed to escape death throughout the six seasons, despite being one of the characters with the highest kill count by a single character.

Egan is estimated to have directly killed over 49 characters throughout the six seasons of Power, not including the deaths that he is connected to.

Despite season six being touted as the deadly season, as it saw a large number of the main characters die, Egan managed to move to Chicago, which was revealed during his appearance on Power Book II: Ghost.

What happened to Tommy Egan on Power Book II: Ghost?

Power Book II: Ghost was the first spinoff instalment of Power. The series which premiered in 2020, focussed on the lives of some of the most controversial characters on Power.

This adaptation is told through the perspective of Tariq St. Patrick, James St. Patrick’s son. Egan features on the adaptation as a man on the run, as he was falsely accused of murder by Tasha St. Patrick, James’ wife.

As a result, he fled to Chicago in order to keep a low profile, as he plans his next move.

Tommy Egan-led Power spin-off

Following the end of Power, and Tommy Egan’s appearance on Power Book II: Ghost, fans of the show saw potential in Tommy leading his own spinoff. Seemingly realising the same thing, producers of the show went ahead and developed Power Book IV: Force.

Before the formal announcement of the spinoff being greenlit, Joseph Sikora hinted at the news via his social media, with suggestive posts.

One post featured him wearing a baseball cap with the print, Tommy season one. He later confirmed the news in 2020, by once again taking to Instagram to confirm the imminent release of the spinoff.

What is the premise of Power Book IV: Force?

Power Book IV: Force, which is set to premiere in February 2022 on Starz, has already shared the promotional trailer and premise of the adaptation.

It is set to focus on Tommy Egan and his new life in Chicago, which despite the “new leaf” he has turned over, brings him back to a life of crime.

It is unclear what his actual motivation will be in the series, however, it is most likely that he will be seeking to track down Tasha who is behind the death of his girlfriend, LaKeisha Grant.


Power’s Tommy Egan is one of the beloved characters to have come out of the continually growing universe. When he was first introduced to the viewers, he was the best friend and business partner of protagonist, James St. Patrick.

But since then, the character has grown in terms of having his own compelling storylines. Therefore, it only made sense, as one of the only surviving main characters from Power to have survived the great wash during season six, that he receive his own spinoff.

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