Does Xfinity Flex have free Netflix?

Xfinity Flex does not have free Netflix, but when your Netflix account is activated via Xfinity Flex, the cost is absorbed into the total Xfinity Flex bill.

With the ever-increasing saturation in the market of paid subscription video-on-demand platforms, each offering various television and film content, there has been a rise in the demand for a platform that hosts all the various platforms on it.

One of the popular choices for this is Xfinity Flex. Xfinity Flex was introduced to allow television and film enthusiasts to have a go-to platform that will host all the video-on-demand platforms, including Netflix, thus absorbing the cost of the account into one consolidated bill.

What is Xfinity Flex?

Founded in September 2017, Xfinity Flex took on the market of DVRs which host your paid subscription video-on-demand platforms on one platform to help avoid the hassle of switching between streaming apps.

It continued its innovation in the market as the brand described, “What makes it even better? It’s included with Xfinity Internet for no additional cost. It’s two amazing services for the price of one.”

For a subscription, a customer will be charged $4.99 per month with no additional hidden costs, only the costs of the streaming apps added to your account.

Does Xfinity Flex have free Netflix?

Xfinity Flex does offer Netflix as one of the VOD services that can be hosted on the platform.

It is important to note, however, that the availability of Netflix on Xfinity Flex is determined by your location, as the platform plans on adding more locations in the future.

If you are in a location that enables the availability of Netflix via Xfinity Flex, you should note that the availability of the video-on-demand platform is not free.

This is as you will be required to link your existing account to the app available on Xfinity Flex. Thereafter, the Netflix bill will be automatically absorbed into your Comcast account and presented as a consolidated bill.

Failure to connect an existing Netflix account to Xfinity Flex will result in a double charge if you activate your Xfinity Flex Netflix account independently.

Alternatively, you can create a new account through the Netflix icon on Xfinity Flex, and the bill will also be consolidated into one monthly statement.

How do I activate my Netflix account on Xfinity Flex?

After purchasing an Xfinity Flex X1 Box TV package, which includes Netflix, activating the account is easy. First, you need to launch the Netflix app from your X1 Box TV.

Thereafter, you will be required to follow the prompts, which will give you the option to either create a new account or link an existing account to your Xfinity Flex.

Note: It is crucial to complete the registration process when linking an existing account, or you run the risk of being billed double.

There are two ways to do this, either via Netflix where you will go to the Accounts page and select “Change Plan,” or via your Xfinity Flex and following the given prompts.

What happens if I downgrade my Xfinity Flex package?

If you have purchased an Xfinity X1 package that includes Netflix, and you wish to downgrade from the package, two things will happen with your Netflix accounts.

The first is, if you were previously a Netflix account holder, your bill will automatically be reverted back to Netflix. Therefore, your bill will be directly sent to you by Netflix.

However, if you were not a Netflix account holder before purchasing Xfinity Flex’s X1 package, you are required to visit Netflix, go onto your Accounts page and change your payment method manually.

Can I cancel Netflix from my Xfinity Flex?

In order to cancel your Netflix account on your Xfinity Flex package, you have to contact Xfinity directly here. Once the cancellation has been processed, it will take effect immediately.

However, that does not mean your existing Netflix account will be cancelled completely. This is because cancelling the account via Xfinity only removes the app from the package.

In order to cancel the Netflix account completely, you have to contact Netflix directly. More details on how, are shared here.

Final thoughts

Xfinity Flex has attempted to corner the market of a DVR system which will help house all your paid subscription video-on-demand platforms on one consolidated platform.

Moreover, the system comes with a voice remote and free Xfinity internet at a cost of $4.99 per month.

Amongst the popular streaming services that can be hosted on the platform are, Hulu, Disney Plus, and Netflix.

To make navigating the logistics and steps it will take to enable all the apps, including Netflix, easier, Xfinity has answered a few frequently asked questions to make moving accounts easy.