Does YouTube TV have Hallmark?

YouTube TV does not only have the Hallmark Channel, but it also has the other channels under the Hallmark umbrella, including Hallmark Movies & Mysteries, and Hallmark Drama.

YouTube is continually working on introducing new channels to its YouTube TV app. Currently, the streaming television service that offers live TV and on demand video and cloud-based DVR, has over 85 channels as part of its bouquet offering.

One of the latest additions took place in November 2021, when YouTube and the Crown Media Family announced their newly reached agreement that the Hallmark Channel would be available on the app.

Moreover, besides the inclusion of the Hallmark Channel, it would include Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama.

What is YouTube TV?

Simply put, YouTube TV is a television and video on demand streaming service enabled by YouTube’s interface.

The service is available on all smart televisions, streaming boxes, personal computers and mobile devices.

The service includes local network broadcast channels, basic cable networks and content which originates from YouTube Red.

What’s more, YouTube TV has also enabled the integration with Android televisions. This means that the channels available on the app now appear as channel rows on the home screen. On average it costs $65 per month.

However, for an additional cost of $19.99, you can upgrade the services of the app to include add-ons like Dolby Digital support, 4K viewing, unlimited simultaneous streams and offline downloads.

Does YouTube TV have Hallmark?

The addition of the Hallmark channels onto the YouTube TV app is one of the latest additions.

The formal announcement on the agreement between YouTube and the Crown Media Family was made in November 2021. The announcement was made as part of the festive programming rollout by the Crown Media Family.

At the time of the announcement, Crown Media President and CEO, Wonya Lucas was quoted as having stated, “Coinciding with the kick-off of Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries’ Miracles of Christmas the launch of our linear networks on YouTube TV is perfectly timed, allowing the service’s customers to join the tens of millions of viewers who have made our networks the country’s most beloved seasonal destination and indisputable leader in holiday programming.”

Google on the Crown Media Family agreement

Google, which owns YouTube and in extension YouTube TV, had similar sentiments to share on the matter when the agreement between the Crown Media Family and itself was confirmed.

At the time of the announcement, co-head of YouTube TV content partnerships for YouTube TV, Paul Snow, was quoted as stating, “We’re excited to partner with Crown Media Family Networks to deliver all three of Hallmark’s linear channels to our YouTube TV members, including Hallmark Channel.”

Adding, “We know that our members love this content, and it’s the perfect time to introduce these channels to YouTube TV as we head into the holiday season.”

Will you be charged more to have Hallmark channels on YouTube TV?

A question that has been continually asked following the announcement of the Crown Media Family’s Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama being included is whether it will come with an additional cost to YouTube TV subscribers.

At the moment, YouTube TV has not announced additional costing to enable the channels on your account already. It seems the additions for the moment will not cost YouTube TV subscribers more in order to have access to the newly added channels.

What are the implications of the Hallmark Channel on YouTube TV?

In light of YouTube TV now hosting the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama, the paid-subscription video-on-demand and television viewing platform becomes one of three platforms to host all three networks. The other platforms are Philo and Frndly TV.

Other platforms offer some of the channels at an additional cost like fuboTV, which has all three, but Hallmark Drama is an additional cost on fubo Extra. This is similar to Sling TV, which offers all three as part of Sling Extra.

Final Thoughts

YouTube TV is thought of as one of the best alternatives to cable television. This is as the app offers a similar viewing experience with over 85 channels.

This is besides the limitless content which can already be viewed on YouTube alone, with the average cost of $65 per month to have the service.

One of the latest channels to be added comes after the formal announcement which was made in November 2021, between the Crown Media Family Networks and YouTube TV.

The two entities announced the availability of the Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies & Mysteries and Hallmark Drama on YouTube TV, with no additional charge to subscribers.