Donald releases Colours music video on YouTube

Donald has released his Colours music video on YouTube, following a week-long exclusive television airing and much promotional activity of the single. 

Donald took to Instagram on Wednesday, 22 September 2021, to confirm the release of the Colours music video. Colours is the lead single by the afro-house and pop musician, and his venture into the current dominant local sound of amapiano. Donald released the song while working on completing the amapiano-inspired album set for release later this year.

For the music video, Donald relied on his working relationship with leading music video production house, Pilot Films. Donald, in one post, affirmed that he has been working with Pilot Films since the beginning of his career, as the production house was behind the visuals of his 2008 breakout song, I Deserve. In this music video, the direction was set by the lyrics of the song.

The supporting statement released with the single on Friday, 30 July 2021, stated, “On Colours, Donald describes how his significant other is multi-faceted- sexy, smart, compassionate, and a myriad of other characteristics- resembling the many different kaleidoscopic colours.” Therefore, the music video visually represents both the emotions and change in colour in lighting to drive the point across.

Watch the Colours music video below.