Donald shares behind-the-scenes visuals from Ngiyazfela music video, featuring Mlindo The Vocalist

South African vocalist Donald took to his social media pages to share behind-the-scenes visuals from his latest single’s music video, Ngiyazfela, featuring Mlindo The Vocalist.

Donald first shared the first glimpse of the making of the music video for the single on Wednesday, 5 June 2019, when he shared a video of himself and his featured artist on the song, Mlindo The Vocalist. In the video, Donald and Mlindo The Vocalist divulge that they are on the second day of shooting the music video for the song, which will feature singer Thabsie as the lead female interest in the video.

After sharing the video, the artist shared a photograph of him and Mlindo The Vocalist together singing to the camera. Donald jokingly captioned the image by referencing how they look like they are crying when performing the emotional love song about how they are so in love with the women they are dedicating the song to.

Following these posts, the artist kept mum about the progress he is making on the video until Monday, 10 June 2019, when he shared another image from behind-the-scenes of the music video shoot on his Twitter page. The image was of Donald and Thabsie looking at what the cameraman had shot, with both Donald and Thabsie smiling, evidently pleased with what they were seeing.  Donald captioned the image by revealing that the footage is currently in post-production and that he will reveal the release date for the music video before Friday, 14 June 2019.

Lastly, Donald has shared a series of images from the shoot on Tuesday, 11 June 2019. One featured vocalist Thabsie posing in her lingerie and silk bathrobe. The second was of the director giving Donald and Thabsie directives for the scene, the third image was of Mlindo The Vocalist being recorded while he sings in profile and the fourth was the image he had previously shared on Monday.

His caption for the series of images simply read, “#NgiyazfelaVideo loading…”