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Doodsondes Teasers: 15 – 19 June 2020

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Here are the highlights for the upcoming 15 – 19 June 2020 episodes for the popular soap drama, Doodsondes.

Doodsondes airs on eExtra from Mondays to Fridays at 19:00.

Monday 15 June 2020

Everyone’s on the edge of their seats as they wait for Alihan and Zeynep’s return. Yildiz asks Asuman to tell Zeynep the truth and Kaya’s convinced that Ender’s hiding something.

Tuesday 16 June 2020

Yildiz attempts to get Zehra and Kaya interested in each other, much to Ender’s horror. Asuman and Zerrin come to blows over dinner and Lila finds a way to move on from Emir.

Wednesday 17 June 2020

While Kaya spends time trying to bond with Erim, his return prompts a shocking revelation from Ender. Asuman tries to keep her secret but the stakes are getting higher and higher.

Thursday 18 June 2020

Yildiz tries to impress Halit’s artist friends. Zeynep’s suspicions rise when he tells her his going on a business trip. And Kaya finds a way to get the answers he needs.

Friday 19 June 2020

Ender gets under Zerrin’s skin. Zeynep’s worried Alihan’s cheating on her and is convinced he’s putting off the wedding. Ender and Kaya bond over dinner and Yildiz visits Ender’s old hometown.


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