Dumi Mkokstad and Vusi Nova prepare to release Yibanathi music video

Dumi Mkokstad and Vusi Nova confirmed that they are done shooting the music video for their latest collaborative single, Yibanathi, by sharing the teaser on social media.

Dumi Mkokstad and Vusi Nova shared the teaser of the upcoming music video for their joint single, Yibanathi, on Sunday, 19 July 2020. This is after the duo shared behind-the-scenes visuals of the making of the music video this past week, starting on Thursday, 16 July 2020.

The teaser, however, does not give away the premise of the Da Mos-directed music video. From the visuals shared, the exterior shots appear to be based at a burial site and rooftop. The interior shots appear to be in a church and in front of a green screen, to allow for additional visual effects.

The release date of the music video has not been confirmed yet, however, both artists have shared the teaser with a “coming soon” disclaimer in their captions.

See the post below.