Dumi Mkokstad shares promotional video of Yibanathi with Vusi Nova

Dumi Mkokstad took to Instagram to share a promotional video of his and Vusi Nova’s recently released single, Yibanathi, which saw them performing the song at an undisclosed location.

Dumi Mkokstad took to Instagram on Monday, 13 July 2020, to share a short clip of himself and Vusi Nova performing their latest single, Yibanathi, at an undisclosed location. Although a music video for the single has not been released yet, its cover image shows the pair in a similar environment as the Instagram clip. The pair is also dressed in all-black on both occasions, suggesting that the promotional video and cover image were taken on the same day.

Both Vusi and Dumi are seen passionately performing the song in the video, with Dumi comically captioning the post, “Guys, watch Vusi Nova’s feet when the bridge lands.” Yibanathi was released on Thursday, 9 July 2020, a day earlier than fans expected. The gospel song brings together Vusi Nova’s soulful sound with Dumi Mkokstad’s signature gospel vocals.

Watch the video below.