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Durban Gen: Mbali and Lindelani finally kiss

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Durban Gen’s Thursday night episode will see Mbali and Lindelani finally giving in to temptation by sharing a passionate kiss after a stressful day.

Durban Gen’s upcoming episode, which airs on eTV tonight, 15 October 2020, will see Mbali being unable to deny her feelings for Lindelani any longer, especially after him begging her to stay at the hospital. After overcoming the issues that followed the MEC’s death, Mbali and Lindelani grew closer as they bonded over the stressful situation. When Mbali contemplated leaving the hospital, Lindelani asked her to forgive him for putting her in such a difficult situation and to trust him again.

The preview of the upcoming episode shows Lindelani expressing his adoration for Mbali, as he claims to have only had eyes for her at a recent event. Evidently charmed by his words, Mbali kisses the senior doctor, ignoring her engagement to Sibusiso.

Watch the previews of the upcoming episode of Durban Gen below.

Sayushka Naidoo
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