Elements of a balanced life

The four key elements for a balanced life are: Health, Spirituality, Social and Financial, and finding balance in your life is essential for a happy, meaningful and fulfilling life.

Elements of a balanced life

The four key elements for a balanced life are: Health, Spirituality, Social and Financial. Lack in any aspect of life has the potential to affect others negatively. For example, lack of finances negatively affect health, and lack in the health aspect, affects all other key elements.


The health aspect refers to physical, emotional and psychological health. It is imperative that all three be taken care of and are well balanced.

Health is the core of any human existence. Taking care of the physical health ensures a fit and able body. This is achieved through healthy diets and exercises.

Taking care of  your physical health also means regular medical screenings and medication for illnesses.

Taking care of our emotional health shapes our experiences in life. This means successfully dealing with negative emotions such as anger, depression, anxiety or other forms of mental illnesses.

Our physical health and emotional health have a great impact on our psychological health.


Human beings are spiritual beings. Taking care of our spirituality is important for self-renewal and soul refreshment.

This could be anything from connecting with nature, connecting to God, or connecting with the universe. Connect to a higher power you are comfortable with to feel refreshed and anew.


It’s important to have a social life. Human beings are social creatures and cannot exist in isolation. Have meaningful connections with people at a personal and communal level.

Having a sense of belonging is essential for emotional health. Relationships can help you get through tough and stressful times in your life.


The financial aspect of life is important for survival. Lack of finances denies us access to food security, medical attention, and good quality education.

Without food security our bodies will grow weak and become more susceptible to diseases. Without medical attention we are most likely to die.