Enhle Mbali details her new role as Umna on Blood Psalms

Enhle Mbali has shared further details about her character on the new series, Blood Psalms, where she will be assuming the role of Umna.

Enhle Mbali took to Instagram on Monday, 3 August 2020, to introduce her new character, Umna, from the upcoming series, Blood Psalms. In the image, the actress is seen sitting in a traditional setting surrounded by animal skin, with her leg placed upon a lion’s head mat. She is dressed in different shades of blue and pink material, which have been woven together to create a unique dress, and knee-length boots.

Enhle Mbali captioned the post, “Meet Umna. [She] lives in a time where colonialism needn’t exist. A time when Kemet/Africa was thriving. A time where two opposing beliefs lived side by side. Not necessarily harmoniously. The circus’ fighter is what we can consider her.”

The African mythology epic, Blood Psalms, created, produced and directed by Jahmil Qubeka and Layla Swart, will tell the powerful story of a fierce teenage African queen, Zazi, who battles a world-ending prophecy to navigate her people through complexities, politics and endless wars.

See the post below.