Euphonik and Black Coffee joke about being internationally renowned

Euphonik and Black Coffee took to Twitter to humorously acknowledge being two of South Africa’s most successful entertainers, due to their thriving careers internationally.

Euphonik and Black Coffee shared humorous tweets on their thriving careers in entertainment on Thursday, 6 August 2020. The exchange started as Euphonik was confronted by a Twitter user who questioned if he owns the land where the helicopter they flew in landed. The two DJs are currently on a European tour headlined by Black Coffee.

Following his curt response to the user’s subtle jab, Euphonik noted that many locals are under the impression that he still lives in South Africa. Black Coffee then responded with a joke that only South Africans would understand. He stated that irrespective of where Euphonik is based, the infamous fine artist, Rasta, would one day paint a portrait of him as well. Rasta is well-known for his questionable portraits and interpretations of some of South Africa’s most notable personalities, both living and dead.

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