Euphonik involved in heated back-and-forth exchange on finances and real estate

Euphonik, who has interests in real estate, was not amused by a Twitter user’s suggestion that he is being used by corporates to sell homes because of his public profile.

Euphonik was embroiled in a heated argument with a Twitter user, who is in the business of providing financial advice to people, on Wednesday, 27 May 2020. The user’s first comment was a subliminal post, suggesting that he is “window dressing” for a property development agency he does not own.

Euphonik responded to the post by asserting that he is more than just a DJ, adding, “There’s so much more to me, so [you] do [not get to] trivialise who I am.” The user did not back down from the fight and, instead, lambasted Euphonik for his response and the errors in it.

The exchange gradually became a battle on who was better suited to provide people with financial advice.

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