Euphonik labels some people in the music industry as “chance takers”

Euphonik, alternatively known as Themba, took to social media to lambast some people in the South African music industry, labelling them as chance takers who do not care about industry.

Without mentioning names, on Monday, 2 September 2019, the DJ posted the remark on his Twitter page and opened the conversation to his 1.5 million followers.

His tweet read, “Some of the people who hold the highest positions in the music industry are chance takers who are not passionate about what they do, nor do they know what they are doing. I don’t interact with such. Will always build my own path even if it takes me longer.”

The tweet gained quick engagement, generating close to 300 likes and a string of comments from followers who questioned the Perspective creator on the reason for the tweet. The first comment was from a fan who agreed with his sentiments, writing, “You’re spot on DJ but again, those with all the knowledge, passion and experience were once there for their own selfishness… It’s a man for himself, Now [they’re] only good with social media fake quotes and motivations.”

Moreover, other comments shared how they have started working on empowering themselves. One follower said, “[I have] been struggling with getting just a simple set of CDJs [and a] mixer, just so I could build a [studio] for upcoming DJs [here in the township.]  [I started] visiting our community radio for guest DJ [jobs]. My struggle is inspiring me to make money and buy one.”

However, some of his followers took his sentiments and tried to create a stir. One follower suggestively tweeted, “Mhmm.” Another fan who wanted to stir the pot, tweeted, “Hahah! I can only name one.”