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Exclusive Books’ Homebru series celebrates South African authors

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South African book retailer, Exclusive Books, has launched its Homebru series which aims to shine a light on the authors behind popular local books.

Exclusive Books’ latest campaign aims to give South African literature recognition by giving the authors a platform to promote their content. The theme for the 2020 Homebru series is ‘Meet them in their own words.’ The theme is said to have been chosen to allow for the authors to remain at the forefront of the campaign and to elaborate on the books from their own perspectives.

The Homebru series will be running until July 2020, and will give authors a platform to interact with the audience about themes from their books. The Exclusive Books website stated, “We have chosen books across a wide range of genres – reflective of the current burgeoning publishing of local writing. Cookery, biography, fiction, current affairs, inspirational and children’s are all covered in the selection.”

Some of the books included in the Homebru series are Ruth Hopkins’ The Misery Merchants, Jackie Cilliers’ Africa First!, Bruce Whitfield’s The Upside Down, Moe Shaik’s The ANC Spy Bible, and Jamil F. Khan’s Khamr; The Makings of a Waterslams.

View the full Hombru series list on the Exclusive Books website.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]