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Faith Nketsi releases her debut EP, Disrespectful

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Faith Nketsi EP Disrespectful

Reality-star-turned-hip-hop-artist, Faith Nketsi, has surprised her fans with the release of her debut EP, Disrespectful, on Friday, 8 November 2019.

Faith Nketsi took to social media on Thursday, 7 November 2019, to surprise her followers by announcing that she was set to release her debut EP called Disrespectful on Friday, 8 November 2019. Many of her followers took to the comments sections of her individual social media pages to share their excitement.

One fan of the Have Faith reality star wrote, “Can’t wait and you look amazing.” A surprise commentator on the post was rapper, Nadia Nakai, who commented by saying, “A whole EP! Work Sis!” Durban-based vocalist, Kyle Duetsch, commented on the post as well, writing, “Can’t wait to hear this.”

Following a slight delay on the day of release, Faith released the trap-inspired seven-track EP, with its directed towards people that underestimated the former Queen Twerk. Each of the singles on the EP offer a different aspect the star’s sound.

Some of the songs are upbeat and confident meant-for-the-club bangers like Ishu, Big Sis, Look At It and Pop That. Meanwhile, songs such as Mood, Mood Remix and Men Are Trash offer mid-tempo beats, although still sticking trap and the EP’s theme, female anthems. The variation in the songs is captured by the EP’s cover art, which sees four different variations of an unclothed Faith captured mug-shot style.

Many of the comments on Instagram page are complimentary of the EP. One social media commented on the EP by writing, “Look At It and Pop That [are] my favourites. Congratulations.”

The EP is available for on Apple Music.

Listen to Disrespectful below.

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