Fans find it difficult to believe Mihlali Ndamase may be celibate

Twitter users that follow Mihlali Ndamase expressed their surprise when the social media sensation suggested that she is currently celibate.

Mihlali Ndamase took to Twitter on Wednesday, 23 June 2021, to comment on a post which questioned the mental health of individuals who are currently celibate. Ndamase commented on the post by indicating that she is doing well. Her comment led to her followers believing that she may currently be celibate.

However, some claimed that Ndamase was not being truthful about supposedly being celibate. Moreover, considering that in her latest collaborative video with Naledi Mallela and Xoli Gcabashe, she alluded to being in a relationship currently. Despite her speculated relationship status, she could be telling the truth.

Ndamase has been vocal in the past about how what she tweets might not be reflective of her real life. Moreover, she does not believe that she will share details of her relationship publicly until she is certain of her partner through marriage. Therefore, it is still unclear whether Ndamase was telling the truth.

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