Fire Force: Season 3 still not confirmed

Fire Force season three is yet to be confirmed after two years, but fans are holding onto speculations that the season is already in production.


The anime genre has become universally popular in recent years. This trend has not only given rise to more original anime series, it but has also given rise to an insatiable demand for new seasons of anime series that have captured the imaginations of viewers.

Fire Force is one such manga anime series that has had fans in its grip since 2019 when it first premiered. It has been two years since the last season was released, and fans are still awaiting official word confirming a season three.

However, as fans await official word, insiders have already leaked that season three is allegedly in production.

What is Fire Force?

Fire Force is an anime manga series that first premiered in 2019. The anime series is based on the series of anime graphic novels by acclaimed Japanese author Atsushi Ōhkubo, who is also popularly known for writing the anime manga Soul Eater.

The premise of the series is, “A superhuman firefighter force is formed to deal with supernatural fire incidents.” Moreover, the title character of the anime series is third generation, pyrokinetic Shinra Kusakabe, who is able to ignite his feet with fire.

Shinra joins a team of pyrokinetics known as the Special Fire Force Company 8, to help fight the Infernals; humans that can transform into living blazes through spontaneous combustion.

Fire Force season 3

Fire Force season two had a total of 24 episodes that aired between July 2020 and December 2020. After the airing of season two, fans were interested in finding out if there would be a third season of the anime series.

However, at the time, there was no official word on whether there would be a third season, and even the anime manga graphic series was not complete at the time with only 23 chapters available.

Therefore, fans were aware that they would have to wait for the new chapters of the anime manga graphic novel to ascertain whether there would be a third season.

Hence, when Atsushi Ōhkubo confirmed that he was working on the last chapters of the novel, fans were enthusiastic about the future of the anime series. But in the two years since the last season, there has still been no official word on or confirmation of season three.

Speculation of Fire Force season 3 renewal

At the time of Fire Force’s anime series release in 2019, the popularity of the series resulted in increased sales of the graphic novels.

Hence when Atsushi Ōhkubo confirmed that he was working on the final chapters of Fire Force, it was understood that the anime would release a third and final season of the anime series.

However, as of March 2022, there has been no official word that season three of the anime series has been renewed. Though that has not stopped insiders from speculating.

The most recent of those speculations being that the anime series is currently in production and is just waiting to make the official announcement.

More speculation on Fire Force season 3

With speculation that Fire Force season three is renewed and is currently in production, insiders have shared more about the possible rollout for the third season of the anime series.

The biggest of which is that the third and final season is set to be split-cour. The term refers to the recent trend in anime series to split a single season into two parts to give the creators of the series enough time to work on concluding a season or series properly.

It is believed that the upcoming season of Fire Force is set to be a split-cour, in light of the season being touted as the series finale.

What will be the plot of Fire Force season 3?

In light of Fire Force, the graphic novel series being set to end with the upcoming volume 30, which is projected for a December 2022 release date, a point which suggests that the writing thereof is at least complete.

Fans and insiders alike believe that the third season of the anime series will focus on the final volumes of the anime series concluding, simultaneously, the series and the graphic novels.

This is since the author Atsushi Ōhkubo has confirmed that he is ending the series with the thirtieth volume of the graphic anime manga novels.

Final thoughts

The universal rise in anime manga series popularity has showcased the diversity and range of the single genre, as there are now popular comedy, romance, dark action, and thrilling anime series.

Each sub-genre aims to fulfil the taste of its growing and diverse audience. Fire Force is one of the most recent anime series to have captured the attention of anime series fans.

With a total of two seasons to date under its belt, fans are still awaiting confirmation of a new and possibly final season three. While there is no official word of confirmation, it is speculated that the anime series third season is currently in production.