Fixer Upper: The Castle – How much did Chip and Joanna pay for the castle?

Before Chip and Joanna Gaines from Fixer Upper: The Castle bought Cottonland Castle, it was listed for just over $400,000, but it is worth much more than that after the renovations.

Even though Chip and Joanna decided to end Fixer Upper in 2018, they could not resist starting a new project for the Fixer Upper: The Castle show.

Fixer Upper: The Castle follows Chip and Joanna as they renovate and restore the Cottonland Castle. The property was valued at just over $400,000 before the renovations and is valued at over $1 million after their renovations.

Why did Chip and Joanna decide to do Fixer Upper: The Castle?

It did not take long for the original Fixer Upper program to become one of the most popular shows on HGTV after it started airing in 2013.

Fixer Upper followed Chip and Joanna Gaines as they helped homeowners to breathe new life into their homes until 2018, when the couple decided that they would be ending the show.

However, even after the original show had ended, Chip and Joanna simply could not resist taking on the challenge of renovating and redesigning the Cottonland Castle, which is why they decided to create the spin-off series, Fixer Upper: The Castle.

Fixer Upper: The Castle – How much did Chip and Joanna pay for the castle?

The Fixer Upper: The Castle show differs slightly from Chip and Joanna’s original show in that it focuses on one singular property throughout multiple episodes.

However, what this new show lacks in terms of variety in each episode, it certainly makes up for in drama and the new, challenging aspects of renovating a historic building, which Chip and Joanna have to figure out along the way.

Chip and Joanna have commented both on the show and off that the renovation of the Cottonland Castle was one of the most difficult projects that they have completed to date, and for good reason.

Cottonland Castle is an important part of the history of the town of Waco, Texas.

This means that the Gaineses’ renovations had to achieve a fine balance between staying true to the historic materials and appearance of the castle, and bringing in elements of their own, such as their signature modern farmhouse design style.

Construction on Cottonland Castle first started all the way back in 1890 and Chip Gaines is only the most recent in a long line of owners who intended to revamp and upgrade the property throughout the years.

Although Chip’s official purchase price on the property has not been disclosed, before he bought it, the castle was listed for $425,000 and experts have estimated that Chip and Joanna most likely paid close to this amount for the purchase of the castle.

Have Chip and Joanna finished renovating the castle yet?

The final episode of Fixer Upper: The Castle aired on 12 November 2022 and in this episode, Chip and Joanna revealed the completely renovated and finished three story castle to fans and viewers of the show. Joanna is well known for her noticeable interior design style.

However, it is clear from the finished project, which includes special stonework, a restored front door, and painted original windows, that the couple succeeded in their mission to retain many of the historic elements that encompass the century-old history of the Cottonland Castle.

How much is the castle worth now?

Chip and Joanna initially approached the Cottonland Castle renovation project with the goal of eventually selling the property.

However, they became too attached to the project when the show ended and did not end up selling the castle after all.

Experts have estimated that if the Gaineses did decide to sell the castle, this 6,700 square foot property with three bedrooms and two and a half bathrooms would be worth about $1,127,470.

Where to watch Cottonland Castle’s renovation process

Although Chip and Joanna had completed all of their renovations on the Cottonland Castle by the time that Fixer Upper: The Castle finished airing, all six 24-minute episodes of the show are still available.

You can stream these episodes on various platforms if you want to watch the entire renovation process of the Cottonland Castle, from just after the purchase of the property to the final reveal.

Some of the platforms on which you can watch Fixer Upper: The Castle with a standard subscription includes Discovery Plus, Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, DIRECTV, Sling TV, Vudu and Philo.

How to watch and stream Fixer Upper: The Castle?

Moreover, the show is also available on the Magnolia Network cable network.

As its name implies, Magnolia Network also features many of the other shows that Chip and Joanna have had a hand in, including the  Fixer Upper: Welcome Home revival series and Magnolia Table with Joanna Gaines.