Flack season 3 yet to be released

It might be time to let go of the possibility of there being a Flack season three, as lead, Anna Paquin, has already announced her new upcoming project.


Some television series seemingly receive the attention of viewing audiences only after they have passed. One recent example of this phenomenon is the dark drama series, Flack, which first premiered in 2019 on Pop TV, before being picked up by Amazon Prime Video for a second season.

While it is the second season that entices fans to watch and call for a third instalment, it seems that this will never happen, as it has been two years since the release of the last season and lead actress and executive producer, Anna Paquin, recently announced that she is currently working on a new limited series.

What is Flack?

Flack first premiered on Viacom CBS’ Pop TV in 2019. The show was created by Oliver Lansley, who envisioned the series as an English drama, premised as, “Robyn, an American publicist working for a cutthroat London PR company that represents troubled celebrities, is adept at keeping her clients’ lives appearing in perfect order, while her own falls to pieces.”

However, the first season was not well-received and the channel dropped the series before its second season. Amazon Prime picked up the series for season two, which changed how the Anna Paquin fronted series was received as reviews changed for the better this time.

Flack season 3 yet to be released

When Flack premiered the first six-episode season of the series, it was not well received. Whether it was The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, or GQ labelling the series, “one of the worst shows ever made,” this ensured that the first season of the series was doomed.

As such, it was not a surprise when the Viacom CBS channel dropped the series from its line-up prior to the second season’s premiere in 2020.

However, Amazon Prime Video picking up the series for its second season was the redemption it needed. The season marked a turnaround in the reception of the series.

From the 7.2 out of 10 viewers approval rating on IMDb, to Rotten Tomatoes where the series now sports a 86 percent Tomatometer Score, with an 85 percent Audience Score.

Season two was so well received publicly, so much so that the fans have been calling for a third season. But it has been two years and counting, and the show has not been renewed, and it seems unlikely it will.

Anna Paquin’s relationship with Amazon Prime Video

When news was released of Flack being picked up by Amazon Prime Video for season two in light of the positive response from the season, fans were sure that the paid subscription video-on-demand platform would renew the series for season three.

Especially when you consider that part of the agreement between the show and Amazon was that the platform could commission the series for a third season.

However, Amazon did not. It seems, instead, that they opted to work with lead and executive producer, Anna Paquin, on other projects for the platform.

After Flack, Paquin went on to feature as part of Amazon Prime Video’s original series Modern Love, released in August 2021.

Anna Paquin moves on from Flack and Amazon Prime Video

Her appearance in season two of Modern Love seemed to be the replacement project of the renewal of Flack.

The practice is not wholly uncommon for paid subscription video-on-demand platforms to use talent from cancelled series in already established and popular series or films released by the platform.

Therefore, following her Modern Love feature, Paquin went on to feature in the dramatic film A Bit of Light.

Furthermore, most recently, the X-Men alumni revealed that she is part of the main cast of the upcoming true crime limited drama series for Peacock, A Friend of the Family.

Therefore, in the two years since, it seems that Paquin has also worked on projects independent of her connection with Amazon.

Where can I watch Flack?

Flack has a total of 12 episodes, as each season consists of six episodes all ranging around the 50-minute mark.

As a result, this makes the two-season, 12-episode watch sizable enough to enjoy a whole day binge on the series. In order to access the entire two season library of the show, you will need to get a Paramount Plus subscription.

Subscription packages range from $4.99 for the ad-supported Paramount Plus Essential package, to the $9.99 per month f premium add-free package.

But if you purchase the Paramount Plus Premium annual package, you will pay an average of $8.33 per month, and the Paramount Plus Essential package will be $4.17 per month.

Final thoughts

Flack might have had two seasons, but the series did take viewers on a rollercoaster ride. From premiering on Pop TV in 2019 with dismal reviews, to subsequently getting dropped ahead of the second season of the series, it was quite the journey.

The series redeemed itself with its second season, released in 2020 after being picked up by Amazon Prime TV.

Despite the positive reviews of the new season, it seems that the series will not return after all, as the lead, Anna Paquin, has not only moved on to new series, but is collaborating with Amazon Prime Video on projects currently.