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Fly first class to your next destination

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Travelling in style is no longer reserved for only the rich and famous, as being part of the business or first class club is attainable for most travellers.

Having access to an elite ticket takes patience, perseverance and strategy, and although a lot of work goes into it, most travellers would agree that it is completely worth it. It all begins by joining an airline loyalty programme, which allows you to earn points when travelling both domestically and internationally. Once you accumulate enough points, you are able to purchase an elite ticket for the full amount, or with a sizeable discount.

If possible, try to avoid purchasing your business or first class ticket outright and plan for a weekend trip instead, as there are fewer corporate clients and fares may be cheaper. Moreover, if you are patient enough, waiting for a flight special can save you a large amount off an elite ticket. You will have to pay close attention to the airlines and be able to purchase the ticket immediately.

When checking in at the economy desk, enquire about a seat upgrade and if you are lucky enough, the airline could offer it to you at a discounted rate in order to fill up seats. Finally, your last chance comes when the cabin doors close. Once all passengers are on board, ask the stewardess if there is an empty seat in first class. If there is, more often than not, it’s all yours.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]