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Focalistic and Davido share editorial music video for Ke Star (Remix), featuring Vigro Deep

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Focalistic and Davido have released the music video for their collaborative single, Ke Star (Remix), featuring Vigro Deep, which sees a selection of models appearing in vibrant costumes and makeup.

Focalistic and Davido’s music video for Ke Star (Remix), featuring Vigro Deep, was released on Friday, 26 February 2021. The Dammy Twitch-directed visual was filmed in a baron location in Nigeria, with a colourful house built with just its shell being a notable feature.

The large structure serves as the focal point of the music video, as all of the scenes were filmed in and around each room. The music video opens with an introduction to both Focalistic and Davido, as well as a selection of models and dancers.

The extras are posted throughout the house in the music video, dressed in vibrant outfits and makeup to enhance the aesthetics. Throughout the music video, they pose editorially and dance along to the high intensity beat. Davido and Focalistic perform together and individually, also dressed in similar colour schemes.

Watch the Ke Star (Remix) music video below.

Sayushka Naidoo
[email protected]

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