French fashion house Celine reveals new logo

Under the new creative direction of Hedi Slimane, the fashion house took to Instagram to reveal its new logo which is inspired by the brand’s historical 1960s version.

Fashion house, Celine has revealed its new logo with the removal of the accent on the ‘E’. According to Hedi Slimane, who was appointed as the artistic, creative and image director in January, the accent merely provides the potential for refinement and the brand could actually do without it. The fashion house took to their official social media pages to further elaborate on the decision.

“The new logo has been directly inspired by the original, historical version that existed in the 1960s,” the Instagram caption read. “The modernist typography used dates from the 1930s, the accent on the ‘E’ has been removed to enable a simplified and more balanced proportion, evoking the Celine collections of the 1960s where the accent wasn’t often used.”

Slimane, a typography enthusiast, said that he feels that visual communication is often neglected in the fashion industry, even though it has become as important as the product itself.

“Concentrating on the base before approaching the form. The fundamentals, the signs, the language, before the fashion,” Slimane sad.

The removal of the accent has been controversial to the brand’s avid supporters but Slimane has dismissed the critics and stands firm with his decision.